3 unique decorative gift boxes for your gifts

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-12
By adding a unique top of the gift box, you can make your own decorative box that looks gorgeous.You can also choose pre-Boxes can be available in various sizes and forms.Other fabrics to choose from includeCovered and wooden decorative boxes, which will provide great gifts for your presence to important people.
You will definitely be happy, especially if you use it to save beautiful products that are offered in special events.1.Whenever you pack a gift, adding laces, ribbons, and laces will make a good impression.You then have to add a little bit of creativity to make it look better.
You have to take the price first.
When the cost tag cannot be removed, get the black pen and mark the cost.Put your gift in the box of your choice if it does not include the gift.You can choose any decorative box that suits your choice.
Add some tape to avoid it being separated.Get a beautifully designed wrapping paper, put the gift there, and measure how much paper this gift needs.Fold the paper when a gift needs to be packed.
Add laces, ribbons and laces creatively.
From a corner of the area, add a card and tape it up an inch.2.Foldable boxes look for box designs through the website.Save these pictures to your computer and drag them into Illustrator.
When using the view of the Illustrator plug-in, modify the size of the pattern in this area by scaling.Print this pattern using hard and colorful paper material.Line and fold pattern along the virtual wire.
You can stick the flaps together.
Once done, fill the area with your gift.
Decoration is essential to suit the theme of the party.3.Cute fabric floral top you may want to brighten your gift box with fabric floral.These can be bought cheaply from selected stores.
Or you may want to make a fabric flower with a fabric flower course provided by several websites.However, you have to choose a gift that is available to special people for special events.Similarly, wrap the gift in a beautifully designed gift package.
Decided to add laces and ribbons around 2 \\ \"from the corner of the box.Laces and ribbons should have a contrasting color with fabric flowers.Stick the flowers in the middle of the laces and ribbons, and put a few centimeters of cards under the flowers.
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