7 best ergonomic office chairs

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-10
Many of us spend more time sitting in office chairs than on anything else-usually more than 8 hours a day. So a well-
The design of a comfortable seat option is critical to improving posture and performance, not to mention maintaining poor back and other types of pain, such as neck pain.
According to Luke Munro, general manager of wellwork, there are three things to pay attention to when buying one.
\"Ideally, look for a chair with a waist support, seat depth adjustment and a free floating tilt mechanism, as this will ensure that the chair can be adjusted to your needs and encourage movement.
For the same reason, although this may cost you more, it is also good to choose an option with adjustable armrests and different sizes.
Second, find a supplier who will show you how to use your chair and install it for you at the time of delivery.
Third, remember that a good ergonomic chair should have a warranty period of at least five years and should last longer.
\"While you can find ergonomic office chairs for $50, one of the most common mistakes people make is cheap purchases,\" he said.
\"Considering how important a high-quality ergonomic chair is to your work, it\'s a false economy.
Another easy mistake is not using the chair properly-if you don\'t use the chair properly, the most ergonomic chair in the world has little value.
He added: \"Never buy only the appearance.
\"Some of the most amazing office chairs don\'t fit the way we work now in the digital age.
\"In order to properly put yourself on the office chair and avoid back pain now or in the future, you need to adjust the height first, the back position and tilt to ensure that the back is well supported and the bottom is pressed on the back of the chair, your lower back is slightly arched, well buffered and your knees are slightly lower than your hips.
Ideally, your feet should be flat on the floor-or you can use a footstool if you feel more comfortable.
Your wrist and forearm should not be tilted up or down, but directly in front of you, which helps prevent (
Repetitive strain).
Your screen should have an arm length with the center of the screen at the level of the eye, which helps to prevent neck pain.
Your keyboard should have around 4 to 6 inch in front of the table so you can rest your wrist when you don\'t really type and your mouse should be as close as possible.
Adjust the arm rest of your chair to make it lift your arm a little on the shoulder.
This will take some pressure off your upper spine and shoulders and help prevent laziness.
Finally, walk around and rest as much as you can so your muscles have a chance to relax from time to time.
This is the chair used by the British Academy of bone disease for their training center.
Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, it combines industry-leading ergonomic design heritage with high prices-you won\'t sweat thanks to the straps.
Herman MillerSayloffers have several eye-catching colors with complete adaptability, waist support and great value for money from this world --
Famous manufacturer of office seats.
Now buy another one from the world\'s most famous office chair brand, which has iconic design and industryleading 12-year warranty. Recently re-
Mastered, whose design now has eight different tension areas for precise comfort-each area is designed to be ergonomic and suitable for different parts of the body.
Its instantly recognizable mesh film is breathable and easy to adjust, and it is unusual that it has three different sizes to cover the entire user size range.
No wonder when Homer Simpson visited heaven (
Thank God it\'s the end of the world)
He found God sitting in a chair.
Buying this now doesn\'t look particularly comfortable or flexible, but don\'t be fooled.
Because your foot sits on the pedal, not on the floor, it allows the chair to rotate as you move, and ultimately has a greater freedom of movement than the traditional office chair.
This is great for the spine muscles, they have to shrink constantly to maintain balance (
Kind of like a tightrope guy)
To help protect you from the impact of the back joints and discs.
You may have a little back pain when your muscles are used to continuous contraction, but after about a week, the situation disappears.
Buy this Scandinavian chair right away, imitating the rider\'s saddle-whether you\'re moving forward or on the side, it can all make you feel comfortable-it has a unique human body which makes it perfect for roosting and sitting, and also for more and more so-
Called \"sitstand2stars S (
Can move up and down)out there.
From yellow to red, its design encourages movement, not static long-term comfort.
Its relatively small footprint is ideal for most home offices
It is also friendly because it is made of recycled car bumpers.
Buy it now, it\'s hard for you to find an executive
The style office chair is cheaper than this, but it has a lot of boxes-good waist support, ventilation and ventilation, easy height adjustment and lockable tilt.
We also like headrest with neck support.
But it doesn\'t have some flexibility and you have to assemble it yourself-though it\'s less than half an hour.
Vitra\'s Pacific chair, designed by Barber andosgerbydesign, was launched in 2016 by the European office furniture design Guardian and will be a classic for the future. This European-
The chair combines a modern and minimalist look (
No obvious leverage and control)
It provides excellent comfort with a high degree of adaptability.
Seat height and depth adjustment and height-
Adjustable arms, with additional options such as hangers and aluminum arms, are also available in a range of gorgeous colors.
Buy sdiffrient is one of the pioneers in ergonomic design, this is his first mesh chair and we like it because it is very lightweight around 24 lbs, almost everything is made of recycled materials.
This is self.
Adjustment, so you can sit down and recline without manual adjustment, while the seat height, depth and armrest can be easily adjusted by hand.
It is so comfortable that there is no recommended limit on how long you can sit.
Buy it now, we love the frameless back of Herman Miller Sayer chair, which offers great support at an affordable price.
What is more worth seeing is that Hage capesco plis is more worth seeing and is also ecological. friendly.
The most iconic
Engineering chair no matter the price
We voted for Herman Miller.
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