A common problem of gift packing box of casting technology

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
Said ceremony light feeling heavy, but there is no wooden gift box packaging for decoration, also reveal that precious gift, and wooden gift box packaging in the machining process, usually used for casting process, and the casting process is very complex, often encounter when making such a few questions: 1, wooden gift box packaging appear newborn phenomenon. Appear this kind of circumstance of the main reason is that the number of too many, and the result of the board edge glue has dried and can't stick. So usually should be pasted 20 squeezing more appropriate. 2, wooden gift box packaging humidity is too big, especially for the gold card appressed. Is mainly due to the gold card paper on water infiltration and lost ability is very poor, and ordinary flat stick glue the higher water content itself. So usually use quick-drying glue or expand the product under the sun to dry. 3, framed by watts or appressed wooden gift box, if the humidity of the air in the larger environment, placed a long time will appear the phenomenon such as yellow. Is mainly due to the component manufacturer adopted containing alkaline waterglass glue or starch glue. So, in order to guarantee the quality of wooden gift box packaging we should choose good appressed and corrugated glue quality. Delaminating phenomenon in a 4, wooden gift box packaging, mainly due to the strength of the adhesive is not enough, the proposal chooses some normal manufacturer of products, both can guarantee strength, reduce the humidity, increase the stiffness, and can you improve the wooden gift box packaging product quality and grade. Along with the progress of The Times, people's standard of living rising gradually, use wooden gift box packaging to decorate the gift more and more people, one of the reasons is because wooden gift box packaging technology unique, understanding the framed wooden gift box packaging problems appeared in the process, to be resolved, can better use the wooden gift box packaging. Small make up: SQS
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