A few big wooden gift box color design requirements

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-08
My company as a professional wooden gift box manufacturers have been studying the wooden gift box design colour respect how to achieve refreshing effect, wooden gift box design experience for many years to get some enlightenment, the commodity characteristics of color application, advertising, uniqueness, nationality is a reflection of packaging individuation, the color of personality must strengthen the visual impact, packaging plays a promotional role, greatly improving its product market competition ability. Color is an important part in the design of wooden gift box, also is a necessary ingredient to a wooden gift box design, when making wooden gift box color design needs to reflect the commodity advertising, commercial, nationality and uniqueness of the four requirements. A unique wooden gift boxes, wooden gift boxes, color design design uniqueness is mainly manifested in the specific color in the color and color the two aspects: 1, the specific color, some color in packaging design, this should be the color according to its properties, but such general colored pictures, designers tend to do exactly the opposite, with unusual color, make its products stand out from the same kind of goods, packing the color processing make our vision particularly sensitive, more impressive. Color personality must strengthen the visual impact, packaging plays a promotional role, greatly improving its product market competition ability. 2, color fashion colour is conform to The Times development fashion colour, which are stylish, fashionable colors. It is the information of packaging designers, international business communication signals. After some colors tend to be general, people feel a lack of new stimulus and charm, and requires a different visual characteristics, the characteristics and copied and popular. Annual international fashion colour association released fashion colour, it is according to the international situation, market, economic era, and that purpose is to give a person with heart and atmosphere on the balance, so as to create harmonious and soft environment. 2 the nationality of the wooden gift boxes, wooden gift boxes, color design design nationality mainly reflected as follows: each country, nationality, due to the social background, economic status, living conditions, traditional habits and customs and the natural environment influence and to form the different custom color. Changes of color vision in the mind is very complex, it depends on the age, regional differences, or in accordance with the personal discriminant and six to one. Three advertising sexual wooden gift boxes, wooden gift boxes, color design design of advertising mainly reflected as follows: because of the abundance of products and the market competition is increasingly fierce, sales packaging visual performance in increasingly important GuangGaoHua, color processing, of course, is the important aspect among them. Colour effect of obscure and reservation is only negative effects, therefore should pay attention to the definition of large color composition relationship. Such as' Fuji film, large white and green contrast and white red and bright visual cognition degree of processing, make the small magazine is still not good advertising effect, the white light to keep the product properties of the mind. Or: Coca-Cola packaging image has become an international language, bright red, white colour produced a strong advertising effectiveness, and show the performance of the product. Four of merchantability wooden gift boxes, wooden gift boxes, color design design commercial main pursuit is as follows: all kinds of goods has certain properties, so the commercial of wooden gift box is contrary to painting, coloring a little. Medical supplies and entertainment supplies, food and hardware products, cosmetics and stationery and so on all have bigger attribute distinction. And the same kind of product can also be a differentiation, medical supplies such as Chinese medicine, western medicine, treatment, medicine, tonic, general medicine. To this, the color details of how to treat, give play to the feeling of color elements ( Physical, physiological, psychological) To the performance of typical character. Such as blue, green said antiphlogistic, acetanilide, analgesic, sedative drugs packaging color; In red, brown said tonic medicines packaging color. Wooden gift boxes only time according to different season, different regions, different user habits, living in different areas of the environment, adjust measures to local conditions, vary from person to person give wooden gift boxes of different colours to achieve good goods promotion effect. Small make up: SQS
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