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by:Vitalucks      2020-04-20
Small make up recommend: tie box of http://www. 中国- - - - - - hzht。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? Cpid = 51 tie case related: the tie is the dress with jacket collar, fasten on the shirt collar and tie in his chest, broad sense including bow tie. It is usually used with suit is tie-in, people ( Especially men) In the daily life of basic garment accessories. When wearing a formal suit, then wear a nice tie, already beautiful and easy, and gives a person the sense with elegant solemn, however, the tie is a symbol of civilization, is never civilization has evolved. As early as tie, can be traced back to the Roman empire. When warriors bosom all wearing scarf, that is used to wipe the combating dao cloth to wipe the knife, when fighting went on combating dao to scarf, can wipe away the blood on it. For this reason, most modern tie with stripe pattern, origin lies in this. Tie protection said that tie up early stems from Germanic, germans living in mountains, eat birds and animals raw, dressed in animal skins to keep warm from the cold, in order not to let the animal skins, they rope tied around his neck, and tied to hide. In this way, the wind in, nor from the collar both warm wind, then their necks straw rope is discovered by westerners, gradually improve a tie. Others think the tie is originated in the sea fishermen, fishermen in the sea fishing, windy and cold, because the sea fishermen around the neck tie a ribbon, windproof warmth, gradually belt has become a kind of decoration. Protect the body to adapt to the time of the geographical environment and climate conditions, is an objective factor, tie of the straw rope, ribbon is the original tie. Tie function said that the territorial integrity of origin because of the needs of the people's life, have some sort of purpose, there are two kinds of legends. A originated in British man think tie under the collar of man of cloth to wipe your mouth. Before the industrial revolution, Britain was also a backward country, meat by hand grasp, then large chunks to hold to her mouth to chew, adult male and popular whiskers, a large piece of meat on the beard greasy, men and wiped his feet with his sleeves. To deal with a man that doesn't love clean, the women under the man's collar they hung up a cloth to wipe your mouth, over time, collar below the cloth became a traditional British coat appendages. After the industrial revolution, Britain was developed into a developed capitalist countries, the people for food and clothing live line is very exquisite, hang cloth into the tie under the collar.
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