A new type of wooden packing box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-22
The utility model adopts the technical scheme is that a new type of wooden packing box, including the box body and lifted the lid, the box body and the lid through the hinge is connected; Vertical fixed on the box body including backplane, backplane has four structure is the same, different length of the box body side board, the box body side panel including skeleton, the skeleton for h, the above frame with L panel, the skeleton inside the L is above board; Described in the box body also has the tank, the tank including support body and coaming, described in the supporting body has hold items among pits, described in the pits and the top is the first flannelette support; Support body including elastic piece of paper on the elastic block wall panel, as described in elastic block with X cutting, grooving described the intersection point has a rectangular hole, hole is stated end plug elastic bottom block, described the bottom block, and described the rectangular hole wall structure of the pit. Some valuable commodities or fragile gift packing box, often need to use special packing box with a lock, internal goods to give the best protection, for the box body, most of existing technology or just USES external wood box body inner sponge or the form of air cushion, this method cannot give adequate protection to commodities or expensive, can break easily. Therefore need to develop a new type of packing box, can not only improve product class, and can meet the requirements of customer differentiation, also prevent box is break easily, effectively protect the goods inside.
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