About printing graphic design issues

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Beginners often forget to add the bleeding line; when filling in black, they often use four-color black, so that the black is printed, the small characters will be doubled; when the layout is too large, it is easy to ignore the corners and give the printing cutting tape It is inconvenient to come, forget the mode conversion (RGB to CMYK), the image accuracy is not enough, there is garbled, etc. Although this is an easy mistake for beginners, it should also be noted for experienced designers.
(1) Design and production inspection
1, text proofreading;
2. Layout size setting;
3. Whether the front and back hierarchical relationship of each element on the page is correct;
4. Whether the image resolution setting is reasonable;
5. Whether the EPS image is correctly screened;
6. Whether the Chinese characters have been processed heavily;
7. Whether the black text, lines and color blocks superimposed on the base map have been overprinted;
8. Whether the junction of the color blocks has been expanded or contracted;
9. Is it necessary to expand and shrink the text and color block overprinting;
10. Whether there are spot colors in the color separation plate.
(2) Output check
1. Whether the line setting is correct (including the setting of non-pixel information, halftone screening, printing and RIP);
2. Whether the positive and negative settings of the yin and yang tablets are correct;
3. Whether the cutting line and folding label are set or not;
4. Whether the printer type and page size and orientation settings are correct.
(3) Film inspection
1. What is the dot density of the film;
2. Whether the outlets are sharp and whether the information is correct;
3. What are the line characteristics?
4. Is the color name on the color separation plate correct;
5. Whether the film is flat, clean, without obvious creases, scratches, and stains. Whether there are irregular lines or nets.
(4) Proofing inspection
1. Whether the layout and size of the finished product meet the requirements;
2. Whether the color is correct or not;
3. Is the folding hand correct?
(5) Mantra of 'Ten Checks in Group Edition'
One check for graphics, two for words, three for positions, four for order;
Five check colors, six check nets, seven check sizes, eight rules;
There are no errors in the surrounding areas of the nine investigations, and the format of the ten investigations must be careful;
Quality assurance is the most important, problem solving group version.
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