Acrylic box commonly used several kinds of packaging materials

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-10
Acrylic to make into finished products need to packing after can convenient transportation, commonly used packaging materials have the following kinds: 1. Heat shrinkable film, stretch film, which is used in a variety of products, its main function is stable, cover and protection products, stretch film have higher durable sex, also have good shrinkage and shrinkage stress, high transparency, good gloss, are a common acrylic products industries packaging materials, 2. PE bag: PE is short for polyethylene, ethylene polymerization is made of a kind of thermoplastic resin, PE bag is commonly used after blown film machine, and then to bag making machine cut into one bag, one above the bottom sealing. PE bag of general used for acrylic box packaging, specific size need to customize according to the size of the packaging products, it is suitable for various industries of packaging, the packaging on the main scratch-resistant flowers, pollution prevention function, 3. Bubble bag: mainly use high-pressure polyethylene bubble film after cutting film processing, cut the bubbles film in need of the specifications of the size, and then by special air bubble film bag making machine for bag production and processing, mainly for the acrylic box packaging, 4. Styrofoam: in acrylic box after stretch film or PE bag packing with styrofoam, it is qualitative light, intensity is high, the plant can absorb shock load, heat insulation and sound insulation performance is good, can very good buffer outside impact protection acrylic box, 5. After stretch film or PE bag packing of acrylic box may also use pearl cotton for repackaging, its color is rich, elegant appearance, and provide effective to eliminate the effect of static mixing combustion, commonly used for packaging box fillers, it does not pollute the environment, can be recycled again and again, to a certain extent reduce the acrylic box packaging costs, is an ideal substitute traditional packaging materials.
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