Acrylic display bearing determined by what?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-11
In recent years, acrylic display rack, both at home and abroad market gradually warming, acrylic display rack in the process of publicity and brand effect, plays a subtle role, on the city's shopping malls counters, all kinds of acrylic display through a brand image, product price and consumers across the face. The acrylic display bearing capacity is good? Dongguan yue feng show you answer: at the time of custom acrylic display must take into account its thickness, and how much is the thickness of the product by conveys. Acrylic display rack to do how thick is there are no clear standards, the load demand of the customer products, in general decoration 2 - can be used 3 mm, if it is the weight of at least 3 mm to be decided according to the structure, such as shoes, mobile phone, watches, jewelry, electronic cigarettes, etc. , with 3 to 5 mm thickness is can take the weight of the product. The thickness of the acrylic from 0. 8 - 100 mm can be custom-made, the heavier bearing the thickness of the acrylic sheet you need more thick, also want to consider the structure design. In addition, acrylic display strength more than ten times larger than glass, acrylic material is widely applied to the construction, household decoration industry, so its sturdy is no doubt. Custom acrylic display also need to consider the cost problem, so if the bearing is not very high, is 10 mm lower plate can be selected for processing customized, this also can save a lot on the cost of materials.
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