Acrylic display clean small coup

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-12
1. Acrylic display surface traces and oil, can be a cloth or cotton on drop a little white wine, wipe gently, will be bright and clean and bright; 2. Coated phnom penh acrylic display if there is dirt, can dip in with towel beer or alcohol to wipe, can remove dirt; 3. If stained with paint or acrylic display surface dirt, with vinegar is easy to wipe clean; 4. With a soft cloth or soft paper, soak in water with alcohol or liquor added after the acrylic products before using it again with a clean cloth to wipe it again is very clean; 5. Scrubbing the acrylic products, put on chalk ash water or gypsum powder, dry and then wipe with dry cloth, is easy to wipe away dirt, and easy to polish. 6. Put some of indigo in the water, will increase the gloss of acrylic display; 7. First with a damp cloth to wipe the dust, and then rub waste paper is formed in the acrylic shelves to wipe, newspaper printing ink can quickly put the acrylic frames wipe; 8. Acrylic display rack has a large area of oil, first in waste gas scrubbing, scrub with detergent or household cleanser, and then rinse immediately with water; 9. Wiped acrylic with onion brand exhibition stand, not only can remove dirt, and particularly bright; 10. With residual tea scrub acrylic exhibition frame, decontamination effect is good. 11. Basin filled with water, pour a little after shampoo mix, use it to wipe yakeli reveal frame, can be more clean and bright; 12. Surface of acrylic products easy to frost in winter, can dip in with cloth strong brine or alcohol to wipe the, the effect is very good; 13. Scale on the surface of the acrylic display rack, a cloth or cotton waste enzyme toothpaste to wipe, can wipe clean and bright.
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