Acrylic display common process

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-12
Acrylic display common process: 1. Glue choice: sheet according to the product requirements and characteristics, choose the corresponding glue and glue tools; 2. Incoming inspection: for incoming inspection, confirm that no error, the phenomenon such as collapse edge, missing Angle; 3. Incoming cleaning: use air gun to blow clean again tear film, and then use specified cleaner clean, confirm the paste surface is dry, no dust, no foreign body, no pollution; 4. Positioning fixture confirmed: some acrylic display adhesive need positioning fixture, confirm the correct positioning fixture position, fixture fixed non-slip; 5. To confirm before coating: coating before confirm there is no air in the syringe, needle no residue, using UV glue injector outer package of black electrical tape; 6. Glue: good for the position of the stick it, the position and the order in accordance with the relevant provisions will apply water outlet, or to adhesive glue on the materials surface, then glue face pressure. Pay attention to the glue speed should be evenly; 7. After waiting for glue coating: coating according to the regulation time after waiting for portable products, after quick dry more than 3 minutes, slow dry for 5 minutes, super slow dry more than 8 minutes; 8. Shape: place the acrylic display at the specified position waiting to finalize the design, finalize the design time reference to technical requirements; 9. Ultraviolet radiation: the UV glue the cause with UV lamp irradiation time not less than 30 seconds, can confirm the UV glue shone through to site, put them printing-down machine in exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays not less than 10 minutes. 10. Self-checking: adhesive products finalize the design after the inspection, colloid surface level off, smooth, sealing side is strong and beautiful, accord with acrylic products corresponding to the glue process quality grade standard; 11. Product placement: acrylic display put neatly placed on the card board, height 80 cm, shall not exceed the scope of card board, with stretch film. 12. Acrylic display security to clean packaging for packing.
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