Acrylic exhibition frame processing technology have?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-13
What are acrylic frames processing technology, guangdong feng collect all small make up to you: 1. Cutting: the cutting machine for acrylic cutting, need to know the size of the acrylic exhibition stand, can correct cutting; 2. Laser: abnormity of acrylic frames with laser machine for cutting plate; 3. After trimming: by cutting or laser, acrylic edge is coarse, with acrylic edge repair trimming machine be clean; 4. Punch: according to the need, some acrylic frames with small round holes in the processing, this step is used punching process; 5. Polishing: after cutting, laser, punch edge is coarse, easy cut hands, therefore adopt polishing process, polishing cloth round of polishing and fire thrown in, based on the polishing of choices and produced the opposite form; 6. Tearing: after tearing process is screen printing and hot bending process of regression to solve the pace, so after yakeli board factory will cover with a layer of paper, silk screen and hot bending prior to tear paste under the acrylic sheet of stickers. 7. Screen printing: general acrylic frames are designed to promote products, can screen printing on acrylic company brand and publicity; 8. Hot bending: hot bending can make the acrylic form various shapes, bureau of hot bending and hot bending; 9. Adhesive, packing: these two steps is yakeli exhibition frame processing technology in the last two step, to realize the whole acrylic exhibition stand all assembly and packing before delivery.
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