Adhesive acrylic products need to pay attention to what issues?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-11
Acrylic sheet erosion by bonding agent of leaves are difficult to remove traces, so stick stickers available method to protect don't need to stick to. Oil, bubble or dust interfere with adhesive evenly and the bubble, can also be cleaned with a clean way. Too small amount of bonding agent can make glued surface completely, or at the time of adhesive curing shrinkage into the air and effect the beauty of the organic glass products. Direct briefing to stick section edge because of the rapid evaporation of adhesives to bleach. Environmental humidity and temperature can cause the acrylic adhesive direct impact. Yakeli board surface caused by cutting surface stress and degradation affect acrylic adhesive effect. Acrylic adhesive glue into products before failed to fully cure, the sun direct illuminate for a long time can make acrylic products in different degree of yellowing, will greatly effect the beauty of the acrylic products. Acrylic adhesive acrylic products processing is a quite critical process, how to show the characteristics of acrylic crystal clear, and acrylic adhesive technology play a decisive role. Elevation of adhesive facade of adhesive is one of the most widely acrylic adhesive application technology, production of various kinds of acrylic products are widely used. First will need adhesive surface to wipe clean. Best used by modulus of adhesive, let the glue will not shake, so conducive to improve the quality of adhesive.
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