Aesthetic, from the beginning of the wooden box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
The adornment of wooden packaging color and color in people's social life and productive labor and daily life of food, clothing, shelter, line important role is obvious. For the wooden packing box, of course, the adornment of color and even more so. And modern scientific research data show that a normal person from the outside to accept gifts are wooden packing box information is more than ninety percent of the input by the visual organs of the brain, from all the visual image of the outside world, such as shape, space, the location of the object boundaries and differences are by reflecting the colour difference and relationship between light and shade, and the feeling of visual impression is often of color. Interest in color led to the people of colour aesthetic consciousness, become the premise of people learn to color decoration life factors. So, in the design of wooden gift box, color decoration and a big point.
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