Ancient wooden jewelry box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-15
Wooden jewelry box for ancient ancient people, more is not the same significance. The ancients of the jewelry box, probably points two kinds. A similar case, i. e. , & other Makeup box & throughout; 。 This box is really a woman get married, the bride's family to her daughter's him, it contains the rich dowry, full of gold and silver jewelry, can be said to be the woman's chest, all the gold and silver jewellery or soft can fit inside. And some jewelry box is hidden within the authority, a lot of sandwich is easy to store different treasures, it can also be locked outside, so & other; This is the mobile safe throughout the &; 。 Wholesale jewelry box manufacturer this small jewelry box, spread a lot of stories, one of the most famous story is, of course, & other; Ten niangs anger threw & throughout; 。 The plot is no more, and ten niangs strong-willed it is through the chest to reflect. Jewelry box with another name, i. e. , & other; It & throughout; 。 Because the ancients jewelry box is mainly used to dress up, so some jewelry box is dressing box. Jewelry box manufacturer this dressing box in the warring states qin and han dynasties, more for lacquer ware trousseaux, fame noble enjoyment. But it was not until the Ming and qing dynasties got great development, the made of precious wood such as red sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear of a dowry. Design for folding box of dress, appearance is compact, easy to carry, open cover, can set up the mirror, built-in multiple storage magazine toilet set and small drawer of jewelry supplies. One thousand years, every woman get married, bride's family to give the girl a handsome dowry, jewelry box is indispensable. The luxury or the casket of quietly elegant, silently, telling the story of the time, the story of a woman.
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