Applicability of printing in packaging

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Applicability of printing in packaging
Through females 1-3, our public found that some of the wide-product N is in the small group of 12 pulps, but they are not in the Caizhou factory in the suburb
Inquiry into the printed style, such as packaging paper cones and smoke kilns. The former is equipped with a wide range of foot lithography printing methods, while the latter is also a
Many companies adopt the Sichuan printing method. Therefore, Bao Pei printing, the printing type of r can neither allow a method according to the printing classification
U; Also 4; It can be distinguished completely by packaging classification method, and Rusheng determines its immediateness according to the characteristics and needs of the packaged product.
Design and printing of brush type high-end packaging box, high-end gift box:
(1) Printing on paper line (bag)
All states are relatively flat. They often require the ground and the code for the store order that they occupy and construct and print the text.
To obtain a more delicate printing effect, through the transfer of the squeegee example to qJ IIJ to Di Yan, so there is a shortage of paper hazards.
(Question 1-J〔)) and metal (4 Da (closed 1-11) printing into the'general collection period 11 Guazhou IJ (offset printing):
(2) Paper grasping’i Dan Yedi
The appearance of the carton (play 1-12) is extremely rough. It mainly sails far away. The printed feature set of individual beans '[’ What
Classification phase recognition. Elbows,’ ribs have different print tip requirements. In addition, the main force is to use the field phase line to force the soil team to use it.
The printing method of butterfly is r11U team pt; living letterpress printing has developed to a large size, and one line is called multi-piece printing. Seven sides
The printing plate of the state is not separated from the traditional toppan printing plate. It is used to print some better hierarchical graphic meanings, and fK adopts J-U from electronics.
Poly-inlaid r-baked parts are better, suitable for products that are too concave to be dried quickly. Flexible packaging products people are better than makeup) L along (ask
[—13), Liu Zhoumo’s requirements for the first character are relatively high, and Shanji’s T-drying speed is required to be faster, so it’s the printing of Heju
In-style / J-type printing handmade wooden box, mahogany packaging box, Beijing wooden box processing factory.
Group 1-12 Packing carton, solid 1J3 soft packing material
(3) 14 boxes of Deng Liulican
There are more than 2 types of Lishes, Qiao Packing Bian Gen Shen Neizhan 4; I also ask about the configuration used, it Liu printing method
, tT Shanmiao’s [‘Bake the fall to ask for an abnormal piece, Banzhou seems to be J’ He fuses the plastic transparent piece, and often needs to be used in the printing towel
The big Diaomu, the most important feature of this signature c Sichuan printing by Ke Jiao is that the thickness of the printing layer is relatively large, 6L
It has a good sense of human body, it J Panzhou J: Printing on plastic packaging (Picture 1-14)’ The printing on a few cigarette boxes is small and the rod is burning.
Qiu Huomao believes that the past should reflect the comparative nature of the road 4: the sense of rest (Figure 1-15), through the 'frame printing, the thickness of the ink tail is different
In order to meet this requirement, many companies use gravure printing to print cigarette cases.
With the development of various industries, the small amount of care required by the coconut people increases, and various qJ brush-in single features. , It’s never hard to satisfy each
This kind of red demand, which is in need, is now more and more comprehensive application of many kinds of printers.
There are various printing methods excellent/L Zongjie Yingchuan Zaiguo, a product I: Make English appear-‘special effects of objects’

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