asian themed wedding favors

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-12
The day you get married will be an unforgettable memory of your life.
As the years go by, when you look back on your big day, memories that will stand out in your mind will be memories of tears that bring you joy, laughter and love.
As you begin your life together, every emotion will be engraved in detail in your memory.
The theme you choose will be an important part of your memories, setting the tone for the ceremony and reception.
The Asian themed wedding is a beautiful theme that will stand out from everyone\'s mind.
Provide your guests with the opportunity to relive your big day, as well as by giving them wedding gifts.
Asian themed wedding offers are a beautiful way to thank your guests for attending your important day.
Depending on what you are looking for, there are various offers to choose from within different price ranges.
The following suggestions may help if you are not too sure.
24-piece Double Happiness Gift Box, tapestry-
Like bright red and gold designs, focus on the metal bow and the Asian double happiness symbol.
The double happiness souvenir is made of beautiful black and red candles with Asian symbols of double happiness engraved on them.
Double Happiness Asian theme Cork made of solid chromium is of remarkable quality.
The silk fan is a 4-piece set, pure white translucent folding fan with a smooth bamboo frame.
Asian love coasters are made of glass and both English and Asian calligraphy have the accent of the word \"love.
A set of 2.
There are 4 natural bamboo cup mats made of natural bamboo, and there is a subtle bamboo design on the box.
Lucky Elephant tea lamp holder is made of resin with antique ivory finish.
Tea light candles are inserted in the saddle.
These are just samples of different types of offers.
If you are holding an Asian themed wedding, you will be sure to remember the color and design of each wedding and the amazing calligraphy engraved on many gifts.
You can\'t be wrong with these wedding gifts.
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