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by:Vitalucks      2020-03-24
Selling the gift. For gift, the packing box is especially important, business is to make great efforts one time in the gift box, and even through the marketing war in gift box, including product brand on the box, put on the head of his spokesperson, etc. , after many ways for consumers to look for. The gift box in the process of using what conditions need to be? First appearance, and this is especially important, we can find that when it comes to the gift of red, was presented to our mind will be the first time in the traditional culture, with a festive red mean. As gifts, red rendering is particularly important, whether elders for the younger generation, or the superior and subordinate, gifts to send a clear signal that it is a kind of respect and blessing, so gift box when using need to have a certain cultural symbols, such ability can help gifts to complete their own purposes. Secondly, the use of performance requirements, must have the packing box gift can be a message, some gifts and even the price is expensive. As the packing, in addition to the need to have certain auxiliary modification effect, gift packaging also play a protective role for gift, gift box should have good sealing and waterproof performance. Is good to distinguish the gifts and outside environment. This work for gifts and materials have good requirements. Finally, gift box also requires condition lies in harmony, both overall work on the texture and the integral collocation and gift sexual needs to have a good size. And significant details are put up box is convenient for users, at the same time in the process of put up to ensure that the gifts do very good protection. Above all, the gift box requires conditions has a lot of, not only for gift box plays a protective role, at the same time on the appearance of the modified and on the gift as the texture of the upgrade, the packing box of the effect is very important. Finally, the packing box can also be a powerful boost all kinds of gifts, to finish their marketing. 、
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