At the beginning of the wooden packing box in the design should be considered?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-17
Wooden packing box at the beginning of the design, what factors need to be taken into account, this is a question worth thinking about, is still a concern. Let the hangzhou wooden box manufacturers to parse what confused for you. 1, science. Refers to the packaging design first consider wooden box packaging function, achieve the purpose of protection products, to provide convenient and expand sales. 2, the economy. To request packaging design conforms to the modern advanced industrial production level, do it with less financial and material resources, manpower and time to get big economic effect. 3, reliable. Is to require reliable protection products, packaging design can not make the products in all kinds of circulation of damage, contamination or theft. This request on the packing materials to make scientific analysis, adopting reasonable packaging methods and materials, and reliable structural design, even to do some special processing. 4, beautiful. Wooden packing box of beautiful degree is a common requirement for the masses, so the packaging design and the function of material and technical conditions allow conditions, create a vivid, for packaged products, healthy and harmonious modelling design and decoration design.
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