At the feast the gift how to choose the right wine gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-09
We live in the circle of festival customs or heavier, gifts has become common, dinner party generally is mostly in the red wine, a lot of red wine importers in wine for their own to find suitable wooden packing box, but more embodied in the style and price, after all imports of red wine is more high grade, also need more upside wine box to do match and foil, hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. ( http://www。 中国- - - - - - hzht。 com) At seasonal gifts, to you how to choose the appropriate red wine gift box. A: box material 1 in red wine, red wine, leather box now do dealers prefer, mainly the appearance, design style can choose, there are hundreds of thousands of LOGO process mainly include hot stamping, embossing, signs, panels, etc. 2, red wine wooden box on the market the more common materials include pine and paulownia. Pine features: light soft pine color bright and warm, fine grain spacing, the curve of strewn at random have send, no artificial pruning after all pine timber, natural growth, naturally, return to nature. Modelling is simple and easy, smooth line is full. Paulownia characteristics: quality of a material is lighter, mu wen coarser, out of shape not easily. The price is relatively pine is cheap. 3, wine box on the structure based on the function and characteristics of goods, should give full play to the forming characteristics of polyhedron, skillfully use body language to express the characteristics of goods and packaging of aesthetic feeling. Wine box structure, in fact, is not only to make a box the stereo effect, it also involves the process of production process, including red wine carton graphic chart, knife mold production, pasting box, etc. , these links should be considered in design. This requires knowledgeable designer process about the structure of the carton, so that the design can be put into production. 2: make printed LOGO design is generally divided into three types: 4 color printing, hot stamping, embossing, printing, hot stamping, engraving, etc. ', 'recommended reading: wooden packing box commonly used several kinds of materials and the introduction introduced above is small make up, walk in at the feast the ordinary friends relatives can use some gift box package, as some of the double red wine gift box, gift box package or a good choice, such as a few recommend below, can look into you eyes.
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