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Basic requirements for rationalization of commodity packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Basic requirements for rationalization of commodity packaging
The rationalization of commodity packaging depends on two conditions: ①Technical conditions; ②Benefit conditions of commodity packaging. Only when these two conditions are met, can the rationalization of commodity packaging be promoted and the basic requirements for the rationalization of commodity packaging can be met. Two conditions for rationalization of commodity packaging Beijing wooden packaging box manufacturer
If we look at the rationalization of commodity packaging from a dynamic perspective, it will inevitably involve the technical packaging of commodity packaging, the production of wood packaging boxes, and the conditions and functions of both technology and efficiency in the packaging of commodities. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Because the rationalized product packaging is a packaging with complete functions, good quality, low cost and effective packaging. Therefore, technical conditions are the primary condition. Technical conditions. Science and technology are the experience summaries of human production practice and scientific practice, the crystallization of human wisdom, and the comprehensive body of human knowledge ability and material means created by mankind to use natural laws to transform the objective world in order to achieve certain goals. The scientific and technological conditions referred to here include not only the subjective aspects of technological penetration: human knowledge, experience, skills and abilities, but also the objective aspects of technological penetration, that is, the materialized form of technology: as a tool for the expansion and extension of human labor organs. , Machinery, equipment and auxiliary labor materials, etc. In the modern productivity system, science and technology increasingly show its role as the primary productive force of society. Of course, in the process of rationalization of commodity packaging, it also plays a primary role in box manufacturers.

In the process of promoting the rationalization of commodity packaging, the role of scientific and technological factors can be manifested in various forms, including packaging production technology, packaging body protection technology, and packaging operation technology. Production technology refers to the knowledge, ability and all material segments used by the producer in the production process to manufacture packaging products. It is the most important technical factor in the formation of packaged goods. Producers rely on science and technology to combine packaging materials in a certain shape and structure according to objective laws, and create packaging products with corresponding functions, so that subjective purposes can be unified on the basis of objective scientific laws. Beijing Packaging Factory, Beijing Packaging Box, Beijing packaging box production, Beijing wooden packaging box production technology itself is not the function of packaging goods, but it is closely related to the formation of the function of packaging goods. In order to achieve greater functions and better economic results, the producer of a packaged product must minimize input and increase output, and try to reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and labor. To achieve this goal, we must rely on improved production technology, including packaging product design technology, production process technology and management technology. (Technology) u003d The above formula shows that the advanced level of technology used in the production process is directly proportional to the comparable number of commodity packaging functions. It is inversely proportional to its cost. Production technology is not only a necessary condition for forming the function of packaged goods, but also a decisive factor for improving the function of packaged goods. Whether the production technology is advanced or not is related to the rationalization of commodity packaging. Packaging technology refers to a technical factor in another sense that the packaging is in a different position from the production technology in the packaging quality and packaging utility system. The packaging body is the result created in the technical activities of the production process, and it is also a technical means in the process of consumption and use. Packaging technology refers to the performance of commodity packaging to the packaging itself

Technical performance, such as packaging impact resistance, compressive strength, water resistance, light transmittance, fire resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. Packaging technology is ultimately manifested as the interaction between packaging and people in consumer use, and they belong to the function of packaging. Perfect functions are the material basis for the rationalization of commodity packaging. Operating technology means that the use of packaging requires the use of packaging technology, and users must master certain operating techniques. It refers to the certain knowledge, experience and ability required by consumers (users) to use packaged goods. Packaging operation technology is the interaction between human and packaging, which belongs to the packaging function, but for users, it has the same function as the packaging.

The body-fitting technology has a completely different meaning. The more advanced the packaging technology, the more convenient and safer it is to use. In the past, tinplate canned food was used to cut with a knife, which was time-consuming and laborious, and it would cause finger injury if it was not handled properly. Now, aluminum alloy cans are easy to open, which is much more convenient and safer to use. Therefore, technological progress has transformed the packaging that was difficult to use in the past to a multi-functional packaging technology that is extremely easy to use. This is the rationality of commodity packaging from the perspective of use.
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