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Beijing wooden box manufacturer, tell you how to deal with the problem of high moisture in wood

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The wood processed by high temperature carbonization technology of about 200 degrees carbonized wood has better anti-corrosion and insect-preventing functions due to the destruction of its nutrients, and the reorganization of its water-absorbing functional group hemicellulose gives the product better physical properties. Deep carbonized anti-corrosion wood is a truly green product. Although the product has anti-corrosion and insect-proof properties, it does not contain any harmful substances. It not only improves the service life of the wood, but also does not affect the waste during the production process and after use. There are any negative effects on the human body, animals and the environment.
Suitable moisture-proof materials can be used when packaging products. At the same time, the moisture-proof treatment should be carried out on materials that are easy to absorb moisture. Then add a suitable moisture-proof liner. Use moisture-proof materials for airtight packaging. Don’t forget to add a desiccant at the end.
The moisture-proof purpose of high-grade wooden boxes is to prevent moisture from entering the package and affecting the quality of the contents and to take certain protective measures. The technical principle of moisture-proof packaging is to isolate the product from the humid atmosphere with low or impermeable materials to avoid the influence of moisture on the product.

The less the moisture on the surface of the wood evaporates into the medium, the slower the drying speed; when the relative humidity is low, the surface moisture will evaporate quickly, the surface moisture content will decrease, the moisture content gradient will increase, the moisture diffusion potential will increase, and the drying speed will be faster . However, if the relative humidity is too low, it will cause the occurrence or even aggravation of drying defects such as cracking and honeycomb cracking.
Some reasons for damage to wood: The hydrolytic enzymes in the wood rot fungi can decompose the cellulose, lignin and cell contents that make up the wood cell wall as nutrients, so that the strength of the wood is gradually reduced until it loses all its carrying capacity. Beetles mainly infest dry wood with low moisture content, and termites are more harmful to wet wood. Therefore, structural moisture-proof measures are taken to separate the wood components from the water source, which has a certain effect on reducing the harm of termites. However, structural moisture prevention is only an auxiliary measure for pest control. In areas where termites or beetles are present, pest control agents should be used.
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