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Bending force of wooden box packaging material

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The material of wooden box packaging is mainly wood, and the bending force of wood directly affects the function of the wooden box. The bending ability of wood is the main basis for manufacturing warped and curved wood products. The bending force of wood is mainly determined by the plasticity of wood. Broad-leaved trees have the best ring-hole plasticity. Trees such as rafters, elm, ash, and aspen have the highest bending ability; diffusive trees are second, and coniferous trees are inferior. The bending force of red pine and white pine is poor. In the same kind of trees, young trees have better bending ability than old trees, and wood with knots, diagonal grains and decayed wood do not have better bending ability.
When the wood absorbs more water, the fiber becomes soft and easy to bend, and it will be hardened and shaped after drying; or increase the ambient temperature to increase the plasticity of the fiber, bend and shape, and harden and shape after cooling. Usually bend
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