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Between people and real wood strands

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-09
Wood gives a person the feeling of natural affinity, is irreplaceable by any kind of building materials. Abroad: wooden houses the most suitable for human habitation. The astronauts return to earth from space after all needs to recover to the wood house or nursing homes. Long fine (release of wood A substance released by plants, has antibacterial effect, can purify air, reduce pollution and to breathe easier, spirit is strong, clear effect) With negative ion ( Air vitamin) Higher than the reinforced concrete hundreds. Finn more refined and anion can kill the bacteria in the air, containing human disease, enhance immunity, recovering to the human body, improve memory, reduce blood pressure, stability and human autonomic nervous so as to make the person mood bright, etc have obvious effect. Because the real wood has the many excellent efficacy, make people living among them feel warm, natural, peaceful and comfortable. At present, the wooden house has formed fashion in Europe and the us has gradually popular in China. Studies have shown that wood can give building quiet, sweet home feeling; Wood can adjuvant therapy and rehabilitation, relieve pressure and improve your mood; Indoor use wood behavior has a positive influence to the old. The researchers confirmed that long-term patients in hospital need quiet stress-free environment; And the wood has a positive influence on indoor air quality, solid wood can make indoor air humidity to maintain optimal levels of patient, especially contribute to allergies and asthma patients recover. Norway forest college research shows that the four walls of a wall with a window, the other is the board room is for the patient's most harmonious ward. Research has confirmed that people on indoor with no positive physiological and psychological reaction, wood is regarded as the auxiliary materials of the health and rehabilitation.
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