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bill stumpf, 70, a designer of the aeron ergonomic office chair, dies

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-10
Elaine luyirs
2006 bill stamph, a very-
The highly regarded Aeron ergonomic office chair died in August.
30 Rochester, MinnesotaHe was 70.
His daughter, Carol stormpu, said the reason was complications from abdominal surgery. In 1994, Mr.
Stumpf and Los Angeles industrial designer Don Chadwick created Aeron chairs for Hermann Miller, a furniture company based in Zeeland, Michigan.
The chair is tilted like a nanny;
Since it is made of an elastic polyester mesh on an aluminum frame, it allows air circulation.
It also has three sizes and is no different from the chairs of the Three Bears.
Not cheap;
The original price was $1,150. (
Currently, the chair has been in production for 12 years and is priced at $899. )
Aeron has become an instant classic and has been selected as a permanent design collection for the Museum of Modern Art.
1994, launched a month ago at a trade fair called Orgatec in Cologne, Germany.
For Aeron and other designs, Mr.
Stumpf won the national product design award this year, which will be awarded in October.
Cooper\'s 18.
Hewitt National Design Museum in Manhattan.
The ad \"people forget how controversial and shocking it was when it was first released,\" said Michael Bildt, a partner at international design firm pentathlon, a juror at the National Design Award.
Traditional administrative chairs are usually decorated in leather.
The advertisement \"Our idea is that the interior decoration is comparable to the comfort \". Bierut said. “Mr. Stumpf and Mr.
Chadwick found that comfort can be presented in a delicate, precise and beautifully designed way, which has nothing to do with creating the throne, but rather with creating a perfectly calibrated seat machine.
Terence Riley, chief curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art, recalls, \"This is a chair with no other chairs. ” Mr.
Museum curator Paola kelelli advocated the inclusion of the chair in the collection, Riley said.
\"After people sit in a chair and find it to be a really great chair, the only hesitation is that it looks a little awkward and a little clumsy,\" he added . \".
\"But when something is really new, it will never look the way people expect it. ”Mr.
Stumpf also designed the Ergon chair (1976)
Herman Miller thinks it\'s its first ergonomic office chair.
Chadwick, president Equa (1984)
And Herman Miller.
Mark Schulman, a spokesman for the company, said the chairman\'s total sales were nearly 10 million units. Mr. Stumpf and Mr.
Clark Malcolm, a senior writer at Herman Miller, said Chadwick is still an independent contractor, not a company employee.
\"We don\'t want them to be hampered by internal political and professional pressure,\" he explained . \". Mr.
Stumpf was born in St.
Louis graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana
Champagne, bachelor\'s degree in industrial design, master\'s degree in Environmental Design, University of Wisconsin.
He joined Herman Miller in 1970, but left to set up his own company in Minni apores, Stumpf, Weber & Associates.
He also has a studio in his home in Stockholm, Wis. When Mr.
Stumpf, a study believer who is designing an Aeron chair, invited a 4-foot-11, 105-
Bill dowwell, research director at Herman Miller, said the pound woman came to test it. Mr. Stumpf and Mr.
Dowwell asked the woman to adjust the chair to a comfortable position.
Sometimes she had to bend from the waist to make adjustments, and sometimes she had to stand up from the chair.
\"Bill said, \'Stop the pressure, we won\'t produce a chair if someone with a large size can\'t make adjustments without leaving the chair, \'Mr.
Dowell recalled.
Production was delayed for a year.
In addition to his daughter Carol, a color designer who works in her father\'s office in Minneapolis
The survivors of Stumpf include Sharon, his 49-year-old wife;
A son, Jon stamp;
And five grandchildren.
Three sons of David, Carl and Erich died in front of him.
Aeron chairs are the favorite of design connoisseurs.
Paul Warwick Thompson, director of Cooper
Hewitt sat comfortably in a room on Friday.
\"If I lean my hand against the chair, it will not send out a cloud of dust . \"Thompson said.
\"If I spill a cup of coffee on it, it doesn\'t leave an ugly, sticky mess. It’s clean.
\"Cleaning is Mr.
The passion of Stumpf, and the train.
He and his wife often take the American Railroad. Malcolm said.
On one occasion, the window on the train was too dirty, sir.
Stumpf stopped and cleaned it up. Mr.
Malcolm said he felt \"the windows should be clean if you are going to take the train.
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