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Black and white wooden packing box is also fine

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-13
Small make up often say that black box top grade atmosphere, low-key costly connotation, have you thought about black box would look like? Some people say that black and white is the color of forever, also is a kind of fashion color. Each time, black and white are loved by people. Both neutral character determines them with any colour collocation can get good effect. In the world of the packaging, the use of black and white is everywhere. Though there is only one tinted black and white packaging, but compared to other multi-color packaging is much easier to express the beauty of artistic conception. Wooden packing box Hegel once said: & other; In a work of art, we first see is it directly presents us with a vision of things, and then to pursue its implication and the content. ” So, first in black and white packaging design should convey commodity information, and the pursuit of artistic conception, make consumers in the choice and use of goods at the same time enjoy the beauty of art. In straight carcinoma view, men are delicious water niang gun, maybe they haven't seen such a perfume boxes, perfume packaging is different from the men women's gentle perfume box, this is the beauty of a windy day, let a person see will know that it is the yes! The material of choice is black cardboard box, main characteristic is MianJiang raw materials approved by special chemical the high-temperature cooking, two sides color, core plasma also by special chemical dye, in order to reduce the product surface oar oar and core off color, paper blackness is thicker and uniform, no white dots, paper surface, good stiffness, so the high-quality goods packing box often choose this kind of material to do. Cosmetics are the main consumer groups of women, as a woman with 20 years experience, small make up think a lot of businessmen think that most women like girls heart burst packaging design, in fact also right, but there are still some people like sex cold wind box, such as black and white boxes. The black and white selection is a single white cardboard box, the characteristics of this material is smooth surface, good network representation, printing with uniform; In high speed automatic packaging machine running smooth, can significantly improve equipment production efficiency; Moderate ink absorbency is reduced the consumption of ink also ensures the print gloss; High smoothness and high brightness protruding shows excellent graphic representation ability, the printing color is rich, good light resistance; Processing eligibility is good, can be widely used in all kinds of printing surface treatment, such as: polishing, pressure light, UV, laminating, etc. , thus white cardboard can be said to be a lot of one of the most commonly used material box manufacturers.
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