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Bottled wine store items

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-11
But if you want to preserve wine for a long period of time, or recommend buy bottled wine, but the bottle of wine is also needed to store items, can be divided into four aspects: temperature, humidity, light, vibration: a, temperature, it is very important for wine, wine storage temperature is one of the best at 13 degrees, once someone special analysis, thought the ideal temperature is 12. 8 degrees, this & hellip; … Is not meet the requirements of the public, who have no matter to the constant greenhouse to store the red wine? Professor of chemistry at the university of California AlexanderJ. Pardell did experimental research, red wine box if to 13 degrees Celsius as a benchmark, if the temperature rose to 17 degrees Celsius, wine mature speed will be the original one. 2 to 1. 5 times, if the temperature is increased to 23 degrees Celsius, mature and speed will be 2 ~ 8 times, temperature rise to 32 degrees Celsius, mature speed will be 4 ~ 56 times. Of course changes in the velocity of the mature and wine grape varieties used also, and the brewing method. In addition, had better want to maintain a constant temperature, temperature difference is very big, wine will & other; A cold & throughout; Oh! Second, the humidity, 60 - The humidity of 70% is normal, low, cork will become dry, affect the sealing effect, have more air into the bottle, the faster the oxidation of wine also, metamorphism and the faster. If wine is not bad, the cork is easy to broken broken even when dry, wood chips fall into wine, not good. Humidity is too high, because the cork chairman MAO, and if it is in the wine cellar save, also breeds a beetle, such as the size of the lice beetle would push the cork bit bad, can't drink then. Third, the light, ultraviolet light power is very big, although the dark green bottles of wine will cover part of ultraviolet ray, but want to long-term preservation of wine or try to store in a cool dark place. Ultraviolet ray can accelerate the oxidation of the wine, and the consequences are serious. Four, vibration, wine if vibration, will slowly mature, even also can have an influence on the bottle, the last party become very rough, not so delicate. So want to kept a good long wine or choose to stay away from vibration, and more stable, don't often move wine.
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