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business owners: five tips for offering first class ...

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-12
We all like to be loved and make ourselves feel special.Many people are willing to pay extra for the first class experience.Sometimes, however, we get caught off guard by spectacular customer service because it just makes the relationship with the business more special.
I recently stayed at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.Their customer service is very good.Does your business provide a top experience for your customers?My advice will help all business owners to re-create first-class experiences.Five tips for providing first-class customer service.
A smile on your face does not cost you and your employees anything.A smile just breaks the ice and makes everyone feel comfortable with the experience.From the moment I arrived at the Wynn Hotel, I received friendly smiling people who were willing to make my stay enjoyable.
Use the name of this person.
When you call your customers by name, they feel valued.They realized they were not another number.It took you time to get to know them.When I left the Wynn Hotel, I got off the elevator with my clumsy big suitcase.
A staff member at the hotel immediately saw me and called me by name.You know, it makes me feel like a celebrity.3.Take control.Depending on the situation, you can provide first-class customer service by controlling the situation.
The hotel staff grabbed my suitcase and sent me to the airport shuttle.He controlled the situation.He confirmed my airline and conveyed the information to the driver.Review how you and your employees control and help your customers.
Sometimes, the client or client only needs you to complete the task or work for him or her, instead of telling him or her what to do or how to do it.4.Take the guess.If your customer or customer does not know the surrounding environment, you will earn brownie points by explaining the surrounding environment or what he or she needs to do to safely navigate the terrain.My airport shuttle driver is not just sending me to the airport.
After he made me as close to my airline as possible, he took the time to point out the mode of traffic, explain how to navigate the oncoming traffic lane and where to find my airline.He didn\'t just ask me to stand in the middle of the street and guess how to cross the road or turn left or right.He saved my time by eliminating the guess work.
I don\'t think I\'m a lost child.
I feel like a well-informed consumer.
When I am in first class, I don\'t have to pay for my luggage.I don\'t need a long line.When you eliminate annoying extras and long queues, you create a pleasant experience for your customers.It is not only an added benefit, but also a way to eliminate stress and save time.
Think about places you know that offer free gift packs or free gift bags.Don\'t have to wrap the gift or spend a little more money on the gift package, isn\'t that a little fun for you?It does me.Find a way to eliminate trouble for your customers.
Maybe during the festival you will use gift boxes that only need to add bows instead of regular boxes.The holiday is coming soon.Shoppers will feel tired and rushed.When you greet your customer with a smile, you make him or her feel special.When there is a chance to control the situation and eliminate the guessing work of the customer, you lower his or her stress level, which allows him or her to enjoy your business.
Finally, when you cancel those nasty small fees or long queues, you will provide your customers with a first-class customer experience.When a customer has a first-class customer experience, they introduce you and your business to their friends and family.They will return to your business and become your loyal customers.
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