Calgary\'s working-class dogs

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This new generation of shop dogs have a different purpose instead of taking care of sheep or looking for lost children: They calm us down on stressful days and take us out when we sit too longxa0In front of the computer, let us be more communicative.
\"They are a real benefit,\" said Barbara Walmer, director of the Calgary Humane Society\'s behavioral department . \".
\"People are attracted to pets and interact with dogs because animals live in the moment and they help our busy humans slow down, engage in conversations and develop our relationships.
Walmer often takes some of her dogs.
She has three golden retriever and a papillon --to work.
Her office is in the adoption area and when one of her dogs pops up to say hello to the person considering adoption, it often attractsxa0Pet ownersxa0If she sat alone in front of the computer, the conversation would not happen.
Dogs can also be good business if they are good ice breakers.
Ron and Judy Quigley, president and vice president
The president of Gunnar office furniture introduced dogs into their office in early 1990.
Judy recalledxa0On one occasion, she was on a conference call with a potential client in Eastern Canada.
When the woman overheard the couple\'s golden retriever in the background, she asked \"Is that a dog\" and immediately signed a contract with the company.
\"Pets are part of the family and dogs are often left alone for 8 to 10 hours,\" said Ron . \".
Meet eight dogs at local shops and offices to earn their food:
See the full gallery below)
* Dog tag details: Bruno, a \"supermellow” four-month-
Old Bassett Hound
Human companion: Megan Sanick, owner of Espy, Inglewood boutique.
Working Dog: Bruno is the new puppy of Szanik.
Her beloved old basset Bruce died on August at the age of 11. The high-
Energy women can\'t imagine lifeand work)sans hound.
\"It\'s great to have a dog at work.
My customers like it very much.
\"My staff like it,\" she said . \".
\"It can help everyone relax.
Why choose a longeared, short-
\"I am a busy person.
It\'s impossible for me to have a border Shepherd that takes two hours to run.
Bruce can stay in the store for 8 to 10 hours.
\"Everyone working at Espy is now involved in the training of puppies.
\"As soon as he sat at the door, it was time to take him out.
Going out for fresh air is also a good time off for the staff.
Office faux paw: \"I may have a customer who is afraid of the dog every year.
It\'s a cultural issue or they have had bad experiences in their childhood.
\"In this rare case, the dog will go to the office and play the crate for a while.
Szanik also recalled the day she was dealing with several customers and a sales rep, and Bruno said he needed to go now and do so on the floor.
She rolled it up, kept talking and cleaned it up.
\"Thank God, the customer thought it was funny.
\"The best performance: if young Bruno follows his predecessor\'s paw print, he will soon become a local celebrity and complete his own Facebook page.
Several times a driver stopped her city bus in front of the store and brought some food to Bruce.
\"He is a member of the community,\" Szanik said . \".
Good Dog: Bruno\'s salary package includes the beef liver package.
Dog label details: Fynnegan, a seven-year-old red Boston bitch and a five-year-old dogyear-old, black-and-
A Boston white terrier named Oudi is a dynamic duo.
Human partner: Steven Simmons, warehouse and transportation manager, Domaine boutique furniture and design company.
Working Dog: every morning, Fynnegan and Odie hop on sissons\'s Jeep and go with him to the home furniture company in southeastern Calgary.
\"They are my little assistants,\" Sissons said . \".
\"They are an important part of the team.
\"This is an endless source of entertainment for employees, customers like them, especially those with children, otherwise they will get tired of putting stiff labels on furniture --
Shopping adventure
In fact, they bought more time for their parents to browse.
Office faux paw: \"The worst thing they do is jump on the furniture.
I\'ll catch Odie sleeping at the end of the couch.
\"Although they did well,\" Sissons said . \"
\"Odie will give you a kiss if you are in his area.
\"Best Show: Fynnegan likes to howl with music, Odie is a natural --born grunter.
When Domaine holds a regular lunch, it becomes the main character of the party --and-
Courses with design companies.
\"Fynnegan will rise and sing.
Odie will sit there and put his nose into your lap and purr or hum.
They\'re great little ice. breakers.
Good dog: \"I like to give them dog food. My dad [
Ken Sissons, owner of the winery]
Give them apples and trivia from his lunch.
\"Dog Tag details: Sir, one seven
Pound mini poodle, currently sports Buffalo cut (
Mini bison)
Because he is chocolate brown, it looks great on him.
Human companion: Nadia smiling face
Owner of bike shop BikeBike, a bicycle shop specializing in \"daily\" cycling and commuting.
Working Dog: Two-year-
The old man goes to work with a smiling face most of the time, but sometimes he rides in her bike basket.
\"I got him because I was sick --
My condition-
\"He helped me get better,\" said Smiley . \" He described her puppy as \"calm \".
\"Little dogs often sleep on the bed next to the store counter and sometimes on it.
\"He knew his job was just going out to play,\" she explained . \".
\"He let the little child hurt him. he\'s fine --adjusted.
Being with dogs is a wonderful world for us.
It helps people\'s anxiety if they don\'t live well.
\"Office faux claws: Once, when the gentleman was a puppy, the child of an ordinary customer pulled his fur hard.
The gentleman turned around and looked at the perpetrator in shock, then pulled the car open but did not snap or bite.
Both she and her mom use this moment as an opportunity to teach the puppy and baby tenderness, says Smiley.
\"When I was sitting in a basket with him, the smile I saw made me move,\" Smiley said . \".
Good dog: \"He will do anything for the food,\" said his owner . \" He rewarded him with his liver.
Dog Tag details: five-year-old Morro is a handsome big boy who is the embodiment of an amiable, passionate person
The good golden retriever, though he gives visitors a friendly crotch --sniff.
Human companion: Ron and Judy Quigley, president and vice president
Chair Gunnar office furniture.
Working Dog: Morro is the fifth gold his dog has
Like all his predecessors, his name is \"M.
\"He is one of the five dogs found by the Calgary Southeast office furniture and movable wall company: Mary, another golden retriever from The Quigley family, five --and-a-half; Tessa, a 14-year-
Old Border Shepherd and her partner Didiyear-
Old Border shepherd/Bihong cross owned by senior resource manager BEF Martin;
And Stella, seven years old. year-
Old pug of Chelsey Rogers, sales and design manager.
The dog\'s job is to provide companionship and improve everyone\'s spirit at work.
\"It\'s good that people who work on computers get up, take dogs out, and walk around,\" Judy said . \". “It’s calming. It’s healthier.
\"Office faux claws: sometimes, if someone throws something that smells funny, Morro and his dog\'s office may be walking around the trash can.
But reallyxa0Judy says the Internet is far more disruptive than raising dogs in the workplace.
Dog hair is a drawback, she added, especially if you wear black, but they professionally clean the office carpet once a month to keep it hygienic.
The dog will melt the customer\'s heart, says Judy.
She recalledxa0On one occasion, she had a conference call with a potential client in Eastern Canada.
When the woman overheard a dog in the background, she asked \"Is that a dog\" and immediately signed up for business.
Good Dog: in order not to let him pack, he will be allowed to eat occasionally tomorrow: Old Mother Hubbard baked mini dog biscuits or raw yam pieces in the oven.
Dog Tag details: cash, charming 16-month-
English golden retriever
Human partner: John Lowry, owner of Hinchcliff & Lee, an Inglewood store specializing in Asian antique furniture and decorative accessories.
Working Dog: Laurie\'s mother owns the original Hinchcliff & Lee in Toronto, and there has always been a golden hound in her store.
When Lowry started the Calgary operation, he also decided to have one.
Jack has been his companion for 12 years. and-a-
Half a year, but in May 2013, when a mountaineer went to climb Mount Everest, he suddenly died of cancer.
Laurie was heartbroken and finally got Jack\'s other distant relative from the same breeder. That’s Cash.
\"If you ask him, Cash will say that his job is to receive customers,\" Lowry said . \".
\"Goldens likes to bring you something.
At home, it isxa0Shoes, socks or gloves.
In the store people came in and he would pick up a Avenue magazine from the booth in the store and bring it over, but wouldn\'t give it to them.
He will jump out and make the sound of \"roarroaror.
\"Office faux claws: Cash used to remove and chew the price tag from the furniture in the showroom, Lorrie has to be replaced every week, but the young dog has grown up.
Best show: the new darling of cash is hanging out in the store, the front window of his man --and-dog watches.
\"You can hear the outside, \'Ah, look at the puppy, \'and then they come in often.
Of course, someone will ask, \"How much is the dog in the window? \" the answer is priceless.
Good Dog: cash work for Charlie Bear dog food, cow bones and rawhide.
Dog Tag details: Jackson, 4haired, tan-
Colorful Chihuahua and Parker, three, one longhaired, black-and-White doll
Assistant HR and assistant recruitment Andrea lasset
Coordinator of Rogers Insurance Limited
An independent brokerage company appointed as one of the top employers in Alberta and Canada.
Working Dog: \"This is a good hiring strategy,\" said Racette, who joined Rogers insurance about three months ago.
\"I never thought I could take my dog to work, but it was really an extra bonus for the job.
\"The cute little guy is with her in the office once or twice a week. “They love it.
\"Jackson dozed on her lap while she was working, and Parker slept on a bed on her desk.
\"Their job is to make people happy and relieve stress.
\"If someone is having a bad time, they can come here and hug them,\" she said . \" She added that Jackson and Parker helped her make friends faster in her new job.
Office faux pas: there will be about 8 dogs in the office of about 200 employees on any day.
For those who are allergic to or dislike dogs, their office and some public areas are dogs-free zones.
\"Halloween is great here,\" says Racette.
Many of the staff are beautifully dressed, and some bring in their well-dressed children and dogs.
There are parades and clothing competitions.
Good Dog: Jackson and Parker both love chicken nuggets and mini carrots.
Dog Tag details: re-run (
Like in a TV show. run)is a long-legged, black-white-and-tan beagle.
His master described five. year-
\"Very sociable, very attentive and intelligent.
Companion human: Bill Fitch, media director at Karo Group Inc.
A creative organization
Working Dog: The dog that Rerun joined Fitch-
Friendly office once a week, usually on Friday.
\"His job is to make my job easier.
He helped me sit down, take a break, go out two or three times a day and get some fresh airxa0Generally not done.
It was a beautiful and peaceful day.
\"If he needs to go out, re-run and sit there and raise a paw.
Otherwise, he would sleep under Fitch\'s desk, at his feet.
\"People don\'t even know where he is.
\"If he wants to get a little attention, Rerun will stand in the hallway and look around with his big brown eyes.
There were scratches around his ears.
The best performers are: the Bigg is a very good scent hound and Rerun is a good example of his breed.
\"His nose is holding him everywhere,\" Fitch said . \".
In the days of the office, he asked us to start his morning meeting again --
Deep sniffing of joints
Then, as at home, clip him on the rope.
Otherwise he will be followed.
Fitch explains that his hounds can sleep soundly in the car and wake up to sniff when they enter the neighborhood.
\"He could smell home two blocks away.
\"Not everyone likes dogs,\" Fitch said . \" Fitch advises those who consider taking their dog companions to work.
\"You have to respect their space.
Still, he thinks Rerun is a good ambassador for shop dogs.
\"We have no problem at all.
He won everyone.
Good Dog: Rerun loves ducks
Sweet potato snacks wrapped. (Who wouldn’t)
Dog Tag details: Enzo, 12pound, eight-year-
An elegant Italian Greyhound was mistaken for a work of art.
Best man: Deborah Herringer Kiss is the owner of the Herringer Kiss Gallery, which specializes in contemporary Canadian Fine Arts and custom frames.
Working Dog: Herringer Kiss likes to call her dog partner \"undercover salesman \".
When he stood quietly, staring out the window at the 11 th Avenue. W.
,xa0Enzo looks like a sculpture.
\"It\'s often tempting people.
She added that sometimes people get scared by walking into the art gallery, but when the little Greyhound comes over to meet them, \"It eliminates the threat factor.
Artificial claws in the office: no dog ever-
Herringer Kiss said there were related accidents at work except when Enzo slipped out the front door of the gallery.
\"He was too afraid to go far.
The gray dog is timid.
Enzo currently has a new job: he stays at home to help train three kids Stellayear-
Herringer Kiss recently adopted retired old dog from the United StatesS. The full-
The size of the greyhound can go from \"lounge lizard\" to 70 kilometers per hour in a flash, and is too enthusiastic when greeting tourists.
\"There are a lot of dogs coming to you,\" says Herringer Kiss . \".
\"Once she calmed down, sometimes I wanted to take Stella to work too.
\"Good Dog: Enzo\" likes delicious milk bones, \"natural balance of sweet potato and deer meat formula and raw carrots peeled.
At night, lure him outside to do business before going to bed (
Not much gray dog fur)
Herringer Kiss just had to shake the vegetable peeler and he ran over.
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