Cardboard packaging problems

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-11
Cardboard can kind of gift box with its elegant shape and decoration to beautify the commodity, commodity competitive, become an important way of the packing and shipping. But gift box manufacturers to tell us today, cardboard type of gift box at the same time also problems such as: 1. Board type of gift box dust big, especially in the case, when out of the dust fall into products, can affect the quality of the products; 2. Cardboard is not waterproof, shockproof, be afraid of pressure, more will crush the lower, less transport efficiency is low; 3. Cardboard one-time use, not recycled, the packaging cost is high. Board type of gift box modelling is novel, promoted the merchandise sales, with the development of living standards, its development speed is also increasingly accelerated, the future will develop in the direction of the green economy, there will be more novel form in front of our eyes. Small make up: SQS
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