celebrity silhouette mediterranean cruise review

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-09
Let me say before this review that I am by no means an expert in cruising.
I have been on three cruises in my life, two of which were more than 30 years ago.
So, what you get here will be my recent trip on the east Mediterranean Celebrity Silhouette.
I will tell you what I like and what I don\'t like.
If I have any bias here, they come from the fact that I have always said that I am not a cruising person.
I would rather have my feet explore new places on the ground than sit in a recliner with 3,000 new friends and stare at the abyss of the sea.
But I ended our cruise with a big smile on my face, so something must have caught me.
The first thing I\'m going to say about this silhouette is that it\'s big.
The ship is part of the celebrity summer solstice.
Enter the classroom with a total weight of 122,000 tons.
It is 315 m in length, over 1,000 feet m and about 37 m in width.
The ship can carry 2,886 passengers and 1,500 crew members.
All this tells you that there may be nearly 4,400 people on board when you sail.
The silhouette was completed in 2011 at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, with a construction cost of about $0. 75 billion.
Other celebrity ships in the Winter Solstice class include spring equinox, solar eclipse, winter solstice and reflection.
Silhouettes sail in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, depending on the season.
During the summer and fall months, you can find a patrol in the Mediterranean, while in the winter, it goes west to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.
Although celebrities can change the boat\'s itinerary in one season, the silhouette has been quite consistent since its launch.
In the Mediterranean, it sailed from Rome (Civitavecchia)and Venice.
In the Caribbean, it sailed from Fort Lauderdale.
We flew to Rome, set sail from civitavic, and then finished our journey in Venice.
We stayed for 12 nights in Naples, Malta, Mykonos, Ephesus, Rhodes, Santorini, Athens, Crete and then went to Venice.
One thing that really caught me on this cruise was that we were in an interesting port almost every day, at most of our stops, where we were all day.
I was always a little hesitant about the cruise before this cruise because I thought I would get bored getting stuck on board.
This fear is largely offset by the fact that we have only two days at sea, one of which is at the end of our cruise to Venice.
So if you\'re looking for a cruise ship where you have the opportunity to explore some really neat destinations, then you might consider a similar itinerary.
The two days at sea are good, giving us a chance to recharge before leaving to explore new places.
Whether you like to stay in a floating hotel or not, life on board will depend on your own personal preferences.
Some people like this, some may not.
I am happy with the experience of the whole boat and while there are a lot of things I like, there are also things I don\'t care about.
Let\'s start with something I like.
There is a place to call home for 12 nights, which of course I like.
Our normal European tour includes packing and unpacking and repeating the whole process repeatedly as we move from one place to the next.
I have to say that I really like to put everything in one place without worrying about it.
Although the size of the room-
The cruise ship today will definitely make a difference, we chose a room with a view or a room they call a balcony.
The room was big enough for both of us and it was nice to have a small balcony to go out.
The amenities on these large cruise ships will vary, but right now most cruise ships will have gyms, plenty of swimming pools, spas, shopping malls, casinos, some theaters, lots of bars and food squares, restaurants and other places seem to be the most important event on the cruise, eating.
It\'s really convenient to have a gym and a small outdoor runway when I like to run.
Before we got off the boat, I got up early in the morning most of the morning to exercise and I like to have this option.
The gym is large, well equipped and clean.
They really emphasize cleaning on these ships today, or at least they emphasize cleaning on silhouette, which is a good thing with all the recent negative news about people getting sick.
It seems to me that there is a housekeeper in every corner holding their disinfectant spray and hand gel, and we have no problem with norlike virus or any other aliment.
Many people like cruising just for entertainment and nightlife.
While reviews of cruise entertainment can go from very good to very bad, I don\'t think it\'s very important to me.
I would say, I was pleasantly surprised by the entertainment we saw.
Although we didn\'t attend the show every night because we wanted to get up early on certain days, the show we did see was very good and very interesting.
We saw dancers, musicians, comedians and some lectures about our port of call.
Cruise director Lisa Richard was actually very talented on her own and I think she did a great job of having fun.
Even the captain of the ship, Dimitris Kafetzis, was very interesting, and it was easy for him to become a comedian when he gave up on a cruise ship.
I think he is actually more interesting than a comedian.
Seriously, this guy did a great job as captain, but he must have a humorous side and he was very Naloxone Hydrochloride Sublingual Tablets and personable.
It\'s great to have dinner at the big Cuvee restaurant every night.
The food was great and we happened to catch a group of very interesting waiters who worked very hard and were very Naloxone Hydrochloride Sublingual Tablets and personable.
We didn\'t eat at the restaurant every night, but we loved the staff so much that at the end of the cruise we were very much looking forward to seeing them and eating there.
Three meal time options are available for cruise ships;
Early, late or flexible options we choose.
Since we never knew when we would be back on board every day, we wanted to have some flexibility when we were eating.
The result is very good.
Overall, I think the quality of the food is very good, especially at dinner.
Every night, there are items in the dinner menu, every night, and some new and unique options.
The selection of desserts is always pleasant and delicious.
Not so good in some places, let me go the wrong way.
So let\'s get back to the food.
Although I have a very good overall impression of the food, there are a few things that I don\'t like.
In addition to the big Cuvee restaurant and Sea View Cafe, there are many other dining options on board, but none of them are part of the \"include food\" option, and you will have to pay for your dining experience in these restaurants.
I was too cheap to miss a rather good \"included\" meal for the \"dining experience\" and I think the cruise line is very trivial to charge extra for this.
The day we ate at the Seaview Cafe©The experience of the cafeteria is complicated.
The Sea View Cafe is similar to a large cafeteria with multiple service stations and many guests use this option for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so it is often crowded.
If we happen to be there during our off-duty hours, that\'s fine.
But at lunch or dinner, it feels like an avid food.
There are so many people going in every direction that makes my head spin.
Because there are many different service stations you have to walk around and see what services are available.
It\'s a bit offensive to have to wait for people in between and then when they seem intent on touching everything.
The more I eat at the Seaview Cafe©The more I tell myself, I won\'t eat there again during the rush hour.
As the cruise progresses, we do learn to avoid crazy feeding peaks, and the experience will definitely improve significantly when you don\'t compete with hundreds of hungry people.
So apart from my personal question about the Sea View Cafe©Good food overall.
I can of course see how people go on a cruise and go home a few larger sizes.
For most people, eating seems to be the most important activity besides drinking.
Maybe they feel they will get their money if they eat themselves?
Can you really experience the destination in one day?
While we do have the opportunity to visit a lot of very interesting places, one thing I \'ve been unhappy with about cruising is that you really can\'t experience a place in a day or less.
We spent a day in Malta, for example, and there was so much I wanted to see and do, but we didn\'t have enough time.
So, while we definitely got a taste of how great Malta is, one day we\'ll come back and really explore and see everything this wonderful island can offer.
Many of our stations can say the same, and I think if you really want to spend an important time on a particular island, cruising may not be the best way.
On the other hand, if you want to taste many interesting places and help you determine which one day you may want to return to, then this is exactly where a cruise like this becomes the perfect place.
The last thing I want to see is that I lack something that I\'m looking forward to trying.
I \'ve seen some large cruises with neat surf pools and climbing walls and I\'m kind of looking forward to trying these things.
Looking back on the past, the unavailability of these things may be the best because I may regret it afterwards.
There\'s nothing worse than looking like a fool and getting hurt at the same time.
Okay, one more thing to comment on.
Cruise ships may be known for short trips.
These are overpriced when you are in port, but convenient side tour.
If you choose some of them, you can spend hundreds of dollars extra in addition to the cruise cost.
While I don\'t like these organized trips, I can see how they have a place in the cruise industry.
Many people just don\'t have the ability to reach some remote places safely from the ship.
There will always be security issues when visiting a foreign country, and of course, you always need to keep in mind the departure times of the ships as they will not be waiting for you or others.
While we didn\'t do any organized travel, we did plan our own day at each port and did everything for only a fraction of what the cruise company wanted.
If you like planning, then of course you can arrange any side trips provided by the cruise in advance.
We arranged several trips with great guides and arranged all of them in advance.
Overall, I can say I have a great experience on Celebrity Silhouette.
The ship was modern and clean and stopped at some of the great ports in the Mediterranean Sea, offering a great deal of quality entertainment that made me happy.
I think they did a great job planning the ports of call and I really appreciate that we can stay in most ports for 10 to 12 hours.
This gives us the flexibility to spend the whole day at some destinations.
Regarding the food issue, I don\'t think I can provide better food for 3,000 guests, and I believe they have looked into the best way to achieve this.
If you don\'t like crowded people, you may have to adjust your eating habits to avoid being overwhelmed at certain times of the day.
Otherwise, the food was of good quality and was actually great in the big Cuvee restaurant.
The staff is also great from top to bottom.
They are always very helpful and this is some of the hardest working people I have ever seen.
So the final way to rate this cruise is if I ask myself if I will do it again, and I think I might.
I hope to see some different ports in the future, but there is no problem with another cruise with celebrities or silhouette.
While I don\'t think cruising is something I do every year, it does change the pace of my life.
I\'m so looking forward to exploring new destinations and getting lost that will make it a bit of a problem to get back to the cruise ship that was leaving. Bon Voyage!
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