Cell phone gift box manufacturers pay attention to design details

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-08
Cell phone gift box manufacturers pay attention to design details of the different of gift box in the design of prominent focus is different, the form of show also has a difference, then what is the difference between mobile phone gift box will, let's listen to mobile phones of gift box manufacturers tell you gift box design details. 1, size, each box in front of the design, we have to determine its size. When determining the size of the box, we will look at this box is used in the late printing material, namely the paper thickness of the box. Mostly of corrugated board and corrugated board, corrugated board, E is commonly used in tile, not of corrugated paper is relatively thick. So before the design, to determine the thickness of the paper, to scale size, not to design a good size, because of the paper, after the final goods. 2, packing box, is also the print category, so we want to be in vector software design and layout. 3, if the box shape is special, so we have to draw a line knife, and put all the knife quad together, because the printing is according to your knife line to make a cutting die. 4, when we design the packing, after the knife line draw, we usually print 1:1, simple folding box, lifted the lid, ears and so on between the size of the structure is reasonable. 5, packaging and printing, so we use images, if has the CMYK color mode graphics. The clarity of the picture must be higher than 300 points, or out of the finished product may be vague. 6, general will appear the following content, box ( Pictures of goods, commodity brand trademark, the name of commodity, for goods got a general introduction, the use of commodity bar code, and the manufacturer about) Above is about mobile phone gift box manufacturers need to pay attention to problem in design, but also in the actual design will have other problems need to pay attention to, warn broad customer must to do specific analysis.
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