cheap: it\'s chic, but is it good?

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20,200 5IT may be just a matter of time before the big three-box retailers --Wal-
Mart, Kmart and Target--
Interested in selling furniture
Having been successful in most other areas, with total sales of nearly $400 billion in the previous fiscal year, they are now focusing on the last Big Apple on the tree, rocking in an attractive way, ready to pick. Wal-
Due to its size, Mart is already the largest furniture retailer in the country.
Like Kmart and Target, it traditionally offers cheap ready-made productsto-assemble home-
Office furniture and storage items.
But over the past year, the big three have worked together to sell fashion furniture for each part of the house at a cost-effective price --
There are thoughtful goods in their other aisles and online.
Advertisers are already there and put their hands on the trolley: families with a budget, young couples who offer the first house, singles at a university or recently rented apartment, and second
Looking for a homeownerstop solutions.
But tables and chairs are not plates and towels.
Is the same low commitment OK?
The cost quality of the furniture helps build a reputation for Target\'s better design and promotes Kmart\'s association with Martha Stewart?
Or trade in old.
When you talk about selling the sofa for $299 off is awesome. 99?
Advertisementhweigh style entered the circle under the name Thomas O\'Brien, the founder of New York fashion design studio Aero. Mr. O\'Brien\'s 500-
The range of furniture arriving at the Target store this month includes modern furniture and lighting for $49. 99 to $499.
Martha Stewart\'s Everyday launched a cushion chair at Kmart for $199.
Sofa for $99 and $299.
99 apart from other furniture and lighting.
Basic Home, Kmart\'s home brand, which starts at $25, is now designed by former Gap executive Lisa Schultz and former Donna Callan designer Matthew Morris. And Wal-
Mart is expanding its online furniture group to design modern collections for young customers shopping on the Internet, including coffee tables as low as $35. Mass-
The furniture produced is still Wood replacement, plastic laminate, spray dye, factory processing, thin hardware and selfassembly. Most big-
Box furniture is produced at low cost in South America or Asia.
People will be big-box stores?
In stores across the country, there are different answers.
Eagle Rock in the suburbs of Los Angeles, 29-year-old Lacey Wagneryear-
Old nanny and design company afficianada bought one for $149.
99 Thomas O\'Brien saw it in Domino magazine and then checked it at the local target.
\"I don\'t think the $150 price is as cheap as a lot of things,\" she said . \".
\"It doesn\'t look as great as it does in magazines, but there\'s never been anything better than that.
Duncan Carrington and Cameron Johnson in Dallasyear-
Old classmates say they love Mr.
O\'Brien\'s round table, but $149.
The price is still too expensive.
They passed it on.
\"All the good things are still too expensive . \"Johnson said.
The house and family section asked about a custom furniture manufacturer and antique repairer, Bart Cisek of new Japanese wood products by N GlendaleY.
Walk through several shops with reporters and check the furniture. Mr.
Sisek has been working in his field for 14 years and his clients include designers like Peter Marino, who has discovered some of the hot and missed, and has come up with the field of cheap furnitureReviewing Mr.
Mr. O\'Brien\'s collection at Target
Sisek puts his head under the hood, Cross
Check the design with construction. At $399. 99, Mr. O\'Brien\'s two-
There\'s metal in the mixer-
Sliding hardware on drawers, which is the quality sign missing on most cabinetsbox stores.
But Wood, like all the wood --
Whether it\'s chestnuts, mahogany or cherry, the color furniture that has been reviewed is surface --
Dyed with paint, not dyed.
Any scratches or scratches will reveal the original wood.
The rectangular cabinet is not square either;
The drawer is not aligned, there is a gap between the drawer and the frame, exposing the hardware. Mr.
O\'Brien\'s dining chair is $129.
99, sir.
Its solid Cisek-
Wood front leg and bend
Birch plywood for rear legs.
But a $299 table for dropleaf.
99, there is a mottled finish that is not a design element.
Advertising \"you know why the public
The pieces produced are generally matte? \" Mr.
Cisek asked, explain why he waxed Mr. O\'Brien\'s dull-
It\'s useless to finish the table.
\"You make it more shiny and you will see more defects in the factory processing and materials that you can\'t see right now . \".
\"The paint came off right here,\" he said when it came to falling off along the joint. Mr.
Cisek explained that this could be an example of a machine
\"No sharp blades\", \"add\" looks like they drew before actually cutting.
Target called the bench a cherry hardwood floor online.
According to the weight and appearance, Sir
Sisek said he thought it was at the heart of materials like the media --
Density fiber, a popular pressure
Plywood with oak finish. Mr.
O\'Brien said yesterday through an assistant that he knew the bench was a composite with a single board and that Target\'s online description was inaccurate and would be corrected.
At Kmart, a basic family wardrobe costs $264.
A 49-year-old hybrid of material, including cardboard (the back)
Plastic laminate (the top)
And crushing board (the drawers).
There is a problem with the screws connecting the drawer.
\"The Screw needs a plug when you have a scrap plate . \"Cisek said.
\"I promise you, there is no plug under you.
What is going to happen is that they will soon become very loose.
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Anyone considering cheap furniture as a cost
For things like the start up apartment, effective temporary measures are good for carefully arranging check-in times. Without kid-glove care, Mr.
Most of them may not survive in the first year, or need services at best, Cisek said.
$299 Martha Stewart
99 sofas and $199.
99 club chairs have bolted hardwood floors instead of glued, which can also become a problem over time, SirCisek said.
Furniture will shake as the bolts become loose. But Mr.
Cisek recognized the expectations of low prices, admitted that many of the works he saw were all they could pay for, and customers understood the implied contract when buying cheap furniture.
It has a containment appeal. -
As it is there, it may end without much remorse.
In the end, both consumers and experts agree that this decision will be a personal one.
If a potential customer is satisfied with the design, the quality is satisfied, the price is right, the product meets the demand, then it is cheap.
Customers should realize that buying online, beautiful photos will enhance people\'s expectations and widen the gap between perception and reality so that goods can go to the market.
However, a slight disappointment with the quality of the cabinets may not prompt you to disassemble, repack and return.
Ads on Walmart\'s floor
At Wal-Mart in the Los Angeles area, teacher assistant Nora Field said she often buys furniture there and has bought entertainment centers and bookcases.
She added her Walmart.
She thinks they are of high value.
In Denver, few have heard of Thomas O\'Brien, but in terms of style and quality, it is a preferred destination for many goals.
On the Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, Edward bugle and Holly Watson have seen six
Page article about Mr.
O\'Brien and Target look for furniture in the Elle decorations of September, looking at the sideboard.
\"I don\'t know, you see it in the picture and it may seem like a good thing ---
It\'s not a design that\'s within reach, or something like that, but it doesn\'t look so good when you see it in person.
He added: \"$400.
Who will aim for this?
\"Retail analysts like Jeff Westman, and Retail research firm Retail Forward in Columbus, Ohio, believe that more serious furniture products in large boxes can be difficult to sell. Mr.
Wiseman says he thinks $300 is the highest.
How much water will customers spend--
Despite its trade activities, Target is no exception.
Mark McMenamin, senior editor of trade monthly InFurniture, said their learning curve would be very steep if the big three continued to pursue the category.
\"They want the volume without a headache,\" he said . \".
\"I\'m not sure if they\'re willing to make a commitment to selling and serving furniture. \" Mr.
McMenamin added that the influx of products imported from China has led to an alarming number of \"price points in traditional furniture stores.
\"There is a fair amount of \'look\' at a reasonable price, but that\'s not always the case,\" he said.
\"When IKEA set sail from Sweden in 1985, cheap furniture became a laughing stock.
It is now an acceptable source of accessible design. But Mr.
McMenamin said he believes that the premise of the big case is different, and more difficult is the cheap version of the expensive furniture.
\"When you get yourself dizzy, how many will be translated into the final translation? \" he asked.
Advertising in a phone conversation starting from high on MondayC. , where Mr.
O\'Brien is setting up his show for two exhibitions
In the annual furniture market, which opens today, designers are excited to work with big retailers like Target, and say he is making a new introduction for fall 2006. Mr.
O\'Brien said he had personally reviewed the final samples in the store now and he was satisfied with the quality of the samples.
\"Few trade --offs,\" he said.
\"I have seen samples one after another.
I have always insisted on doing so. \"Mr.
O\'Brien is also very satisfied with the price.
\"I challenge someone to shop and find other better things at this price,\" he said . \".
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Very chic, but is it delicious? .
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