Chinese and western different packing gift box of the difference of color to choose

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-23
In our country, will generally choose red and yellow as the main color of the packing box, and this tradition in ancient China, has a lot to do, is representing the festive red has been in the past, while yellow is the color of noble can use, so that represents the nobility. Along to today, people are still the two kinds of color as a representative of the festival and noble. For this reason, many times we can see red and yellow on the appearance of the box. And red came to the western countries, will be as the color of anger. On the choice of gift box, do not choose a big red, this is don't respect for mushroom. When meet with western friends, want to utter the friendship of landlord, present with local characteristics, the selection of packaging gift box will avoid red. And yellow, in some western countries, such as Britain and the United States. In their eyes as yellow is the color of the belongs to the timid, cowardice. Therefore, when choose yellow box presented to them in the UK, that is not an ideal approach. Can try to choose other, their favorite color. White is the color of the taboo in our country, white and black represent the funeral. Although with the development of the society, more and more people don't value the use of white on the gift box, but, in the traditional Chinese festival on white box that is not respect to the host. However, in many western countries, but all think that white is pure. Packing box USES white, that is the gift of a compliment to the host. And in our country, very few have the appearance of white gift box packing. From the west on the wedding dress is white wedding dress, and China's wedding dress is using combination of red and yellow rockhopper chardonnay wearing, will know that Chinese and western cultural differences between the two countries. The difference is not only reflected in this aspect, is more on the packing box. Gift giving between there are a lot of knowledge, not only to learn to give gifts, learn to send to the ritual.
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