Chinese style is different from European jewelry box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-15
European style wooden jewelry box with a delicate, luxuriant, stereo carve patterns or designs on woodwork) has been used in design, restore ancient ways of carve patterns or designs on woodwork present in the box, using the ways of decoration in silver paint, draw, built a noble, luxurious wooden jewelry box products. This style of jewelry box on colour more than Chinese style style, the choice to add rich. But when consumer choose and buy, should according to the layout of the bedroom space with that style collocation more coordination effect. According to the material of different can be divided into PU jewelry box jewelry box, leather box and wooden jewelry box. Among them, the wooden jewelry box is more commonly used a jewelry box, generally divided into European and Chinese style style. PU wooden jewelry box jewelry box of Chinese style style is usually used in mahogany, pine, ebony, mahogany wood, such as using the mature woodworking, show the charm of ancient sweet patina, in the aspect of form design shows classic breath, have a kind of elegant feeling. Elegant plain wooden jewelry box vulture act the role ofing lifelike, send out a sense of the history of the Chinese culture precipitation, put in the bedroom space, it is more like a nice decorations or collection.
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