Choice of gift box printing material

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-19
A paper packaging, gift packaging material: if you want to reflect the high-end gift and precious, had better choose thick material and high strength paper carton. Material generally there are two broad categories: corrugated cardboard and compression. Gift packaging printing of some fine, recommended more than E corrugated ultra-thin corrugated cardboard packaging, control the thickness of 1 mm 2 mm, carton box is made of folded forming the opposite sex, E corrugated paper strength are good rigidity, and is suitable for fine printing. In addition, a FGH micro corrugated board can also be used. The method of choice of gift box printing material 2, gift packing box of wood packaging material: higher gift wood feels more soft, and class. Can consider to choose real wood, environmentally friendly and beautiful, also can highlight the grade. Such as common wooden jewelry box. Wooden jewelry box is of primitive simplicity is elegant, suitable for taste elegant temperament of women. General points have mahogany casket, pine, oak wood jewelry box jewelry box, peach wooden jewelry box, Chinese catalpa wood is the most characteristic. As Chinese catalpa wood, walnut, as growth slow, its fine decorative pattern, simple sense is strong. Representative such as national technology outside European pine casket. There are such as specular paint jewelry box, metal jewelry box, paper box, etc. Three, gift packing box of the cortex packing material: take jewelry box, gift boxes cortex jewelry box again is a combination of fashion design elements, commonly in the flavor of The Times is permeated with a kind of full-bodied modern breath. Average score plain leather crocodile grain leather jewelry box, jewelry box, pearl leather jewelry box. Gift boxes, such as pull the eu's big S crocodile grain leather jewelry box, plain leather Pandora bead light leather jewelry box jewelry box and ears type is more representative. According to the above analysis of the material of paper, wood, leather gift box, you can according to the above when choosing gift boxes these detail problems, according to the gift box of the entry object, pick out the most suitable gift box.
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