Choice of transportation routes, methods and tools and product packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The choice of transportation routes, methods and tools and commodity packaging; transportation packaging must correctly choose the transportation route so that the goods can be transported from the production place to the consumption place as soon as possible through the shortest route and with the least amount of time, eliminating those opposite (convection) and roundabouts , Too far, repetitive and unreasonable transportation, as far as possible to make the packaged goods spend the shortest time in the transportation process, and the cost is the least. Secondly, transportation and packaging should be selected correctly. Beijing Packaging Factory and Beijing Packaging Boxes should adopt direct linear transportation and transfer transportation methods with fewer intermediate links as much as possible to reduce the number of loading and unloading times to speed up the operation of goods. For this reason, it is very important to choose trains, ships, planes, automobiles and other transportation tools reasonably according to the characteristics of various transportation vehicles, combined with the nature of the goods and packaging characteristics, to give full play to the effectiveness of various transportation equipment, and to improve the use efficiency of transportation tools. Third, no matter what mode of transportation is chosen and what means of transportation are used, the place where the goods are stored should be regarded as an active warehouse. Therefore, we are not only required to pay attention to the natural conditions of the starting point of the packaged goods, but also to pay attention to it. The natural Beijing packaging box manufacturer along the route and destination of the commodity, the Beijing wooden packaging box production, conditions, and at the same time, also consider the impact of the transportation distance and transportation time on the quality of the packaged goods. Because the natural conditions of the commodity's starting point, along the way, and destination are different. If the distance is long, the changes of natural conditions (such as climate) along the transportation will be more complicated, and the transportation packaged goods will be easily affected by external factors;
If these conditions are ignored in the transportation package, it may cause damage to the product. ) The requirements of transportation packaging in terms of transportation are manifested in the enterprise, which is to choose the transportation method and tools correctly, reasonably specify the transportation path, and deliver the packaged products to the user safely and reliably on time with the least freight. This plays a very important role in ensuring the smooth progress of the production and operation activities of the enterprise, reducing costs, and achieving better economic benefits. To meet these requirements, companies must understand the following conditions: Beijing packaging box production, Beijing wooden packaging box first, understand the various manifestations of unreasonable transportation. Unreasonable transportation means that during the transportation of the packaged goods from the place of production to the place of consumption, the transportation distance is unnecessarily lengthened, resulting in large freight, multiple transfers, slow speed, easy to cause damage, and no guarantee of the quality of the packaged goods. Transportation mainly has the following manifestations: (1) Abandoning water and going overland. Refers to conditions that can be undertaken by water transport or should be implemented by river

The products transported by river, river and sea, and water and land are transported by land transport, which is not conducive to reducing transportation costs. Of course, this is not absolute. The prerequisites for reasonable transportation are first to help ensure the safety of the packaged goods; second, to be conducive to delivery on time. If both water and rail transportation methods are available, if due to the tight delivery date, or there may be major changes in the climate that are not conducive to water transportation in the near future, then in order to ensure safe and on-time delivery, even if you pay more Freight should also be transported by rail. It means that the same species or each other can be transported by convection. It is also called that the products used for opposite transportation are on the same route or parallel route. Some are transported from place A to place B, and some are transported from place B to place A, causing all or part of the transportation to overlap in the opposite direction. Convection transportation not only leads to waste of transportation capacity, but also increases the transportation cost of products. ③ Roundabout transportation. The Beijing wooden packaging box manufacturer pointed out that under normal traffic conditions, the packaged goods are not arranged according to the shortest distance from the place of shipment to the destination, but are transported by a circuitous route. This kind of transportation will not only increase the transportation time, increase the probability of damage to the packaged goods, but also increase the freight of the packaged goods. ④ Repeat transportation. Refers to the products that should be shipped directly to the destination, and after being transported to other places and unloaded from the truck, they are reloaded to other places without processing or necessary operations, or returned to the original direction for transportation. This kind of transportation not only increases the transfer link, wastes transportation capacity and loading and unloading capacity, but also easily causes damage to the packaged goods.

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