Choosing the right hand gift of wooden packing box allows you to count

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-26
Wooden gift box production process design and printing there are a lot of problems need attention in the process, in order to be able to better performance of handmade gift image, we need to consider in the process of design and printing a lot of problems. Modern society pay more and more attention to environmental protection and saving, pay attention to practical, not flashy. Handmade gift boxes pay more attention to the grade and the connotation, ShangYu will introduce the problems need to pay attention to in the process of making handmade gift box. Holiday gifts or birthday gifts, crafts gifts were as the importance of the donor, so its gift box not only should pay attention to in form, should also pay attention to in its material and quality. In the process of making handmade gift box, packing box and manual gift a link, this product can be an interpretation of ahead of time. Reasonable design can have the effect of icing on the cake, or boxes will become the only gift box. In the process of making handmade gift box, but also need to pay attention to the colour collocation of the packaging problems, different colour can bring different feeling to the person, the reasonable collocation of color is able to bring a box or a feeling of warmth or grave, to a certain extent, to promote the class of the gift and specifications. Color when colour is tie-in, must not be too multifarious, too multifarious colors can destroy whole aesthetic feeling, also reduces the overall importance. Usually in the packaging box design, will be more or less words arranged in the box above, when need words auxiliary, pay attention to the arrangement of words and its location, not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, nor too small. Text is usually associated with gifts, and it should be in harmony with the other design and color in the box and cooperate, or may be because the existence of the text and lead to the failure of the whole. In addition to the design of the packaging problems, also need to choose the right paper materials as raw materials, usually choose a certain hardness and thickness of the material, both to enhance the practicality, also can promote the class gift. Through the introduction of the above, I believe you need to pay attention to in the process of making handmade gift box process such as the design of the problems have a basic understanding. Actually it is very important to the choice of handmade gift box, the gift it is able to make it look better, may also make gift devoid of meaning. So, when choosing a gift is very attention. Welcome everybody to choose ShangYu, our packaging will be able to make you satisfied.
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