Circulation of wooden box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The circulation of wooden box packaging is a movement of commodities from the production field to the market and consumption field. modern
Circulation theory decomposes the flow of commodities through lanes into two parallel movements. One is that commodities are traded through the market
The change of value form and the transfer of ownership are the business flow; the other is the commodity from the place of production
The transfer to the physical space of the place of consumption is called logistics. The latter is about the physical movement of commodities and
The definition of scope is a narrow concept of logistics, it is the range of the relationship between packaging and circulation that we want to study

The relationship between wooden box packaging and logistics is very close, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects. First of all, things
The flow process is the main area where wooden box packaging plays its role. In the logistics process, the wooden box accompanies
Interior products have experienced acquisition, transportation, loading and unloading, storage and maintenance, wholesale distribution, retail sales and loans, etc.
Listed in commodity circulation movement, packaging can fully play its function and role, and the more fully played, the
The economic and social benefits obtained will be greater.

Secondly, the logistics process has more and higher requirements for packaging than the production process. In the logistics process In
, the diversity of links, the complexity of conditions and the fierce competition in the market make the packaging all the time
Facing a series of severe tests. Only “scientific, firm, beautiful, economical, and moderate”
Only packaging, its value and use value can be recognized by the society. Especially in the international market,
The competition of similar products often evolves into the competition of product design and packaging design. Winning with packaging has already
It has become an important means and strategy for many countries to develop foreign trade. Of course, the factors that determine the success or failure of the competition
There are many, you can be absolutely sure that a good packaging has full confidence in winning. But to be sure, no
Good packaging will inevitably lead to the failure of competition or the decline of economic benefits. Therefore, my country’s import and export commodity inspection
The department not only conducts statutory inspections on the quality and grade of exported goods, but also conducts legal inspections on packaging.
Determined inspection. Commodities that have not obtained the packaging inspection certificate or appraisal certificate are not allowed to be exported. This is maintenance
Effective measures and policies for national reputation and market position.

The modernization of the logistics process depends on the standardization of packaging. In the circulation system, the logistics conditions are not suitable
Reason is one of the causes of major economic losses. Therefore, some countries are actively promoting the logistics process
Modernization. Its content is to use modern scientific and technological achievements to implement packaging standardization, transportation and containerization, and storage of goods.
Rackification, mechanization of loading and unloading, and automation of inspection and monitoring. Of course, the logistics process is a huge system,
It has many links, vertically and horizontally connected, the environment is complex, and it involves a wide range of areas. To realize the modernization of the entire logistics process,
The standardization of all logistics links and the coordination and cooperation among all links must be realized. Poor coordination, although

The standardization of certain links has been achieved, and it is difficult to achieve the desired benefits. And solve the coordination between various links
The key to the issue of sex lies in the difficulty of standardization of wooden box packaging, and in other words, the modularization of wooden box production.
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