Classification of packaging and printing

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Classification of packaging and printing
Printing is a process technology that transfers the Gewen information on the original manuscript to the substrate L by using the ground printing plate dZ to share other methods; according to
The definition of printing, the method of dividing the center of printing is also a variety of multi-row, generally the most used is based on the printing plate regardless of the classification
Class, ‘small 1J can be divided into gravure printing, lithographic ElJ brush, IIIt printing and stencil printing, etc. 5r's qJ brush used for packaging Nepal
Human style can be collectively referred to as pack printing. There is no unified classification of J1 for pack printing in front of the door.
Beijing Packaging and Printing Factory, Beijing Packaging and Printing Factory, the following 'Internal and External Inflammation Into' France:
1 Classified by printing materials
4; N. Packaging printing can be divided into paper
The printing of the session * Don't brush the glass
2 Classified by container type
Package distance printing, etc.c
3. Classified by printing plate type
This classification method is evenly printed and classified
High-end gift box processing such as brush and screen printing, a manufacturer of packaging boxes in Beijing,
Due to Nanjian’s desire for the diversity and processing of packaging yD, the current printing method used for packaging W is also complete.
All out of the set, such as the printing of the packaging box can use either the lithographic qJ brushing style or the rn plate printing method. Multiple seals
The intersection of brush/J style brings certain difficulties to the classification of package printing.

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