Color master is important for health care products packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
To see a good set of health care products packaging design from the vision on the creative idea is unique, not only in design technique on coloring is individual character is dye-in-the-wood, general health care products packaging design needs to design requirements on colour hue contrast to strong, packaging lines on the color piece is fundamental key with color, color in the process of equipping tonal, sometimes in order to improve the overall design monotonous, dull and boring, enhance vitality feeling, usually have to highlight certain parts on the packing design color, to draw the dragon point clear. In order to attract the attention of the viewer, the key color generally should choose arrangement or main position in the center of the picture, the use of color in different industries on the packaging design of color is different depending on the attribute of industry to top standard color and auxiliary color, series and item packaging design packaging design on the coloring is different, this need according to the product positioning to reasonable color design, good design needs to be in place on the vision to conforms to the characteristics of the industry, it needs to be detailed mixing with the combination of modern design techniques. Health care products packing box, SQS
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