Color matching of wooden box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Color matching of wooden box packaging

Wooden box packaging is mostly matched with red, and the solid wood box is not limited to red. Starting from the packaging of goods, it is combined with the material of the gift itself and auxiliary materials to achieve the desired Connotation of expression. Such as: red and gold, brown and gold and other colors can highlight the joy of traditional Chinese festivals. Another example: silver and black, black and red, etc. can show generosity.
The commonly used color of wooden boxes is actually the natural color, because the natural color can reflect the effect of pure wood, simple and high-end wooden box. The wooden box feels noble and gorgeous. The same product, the same packaging and decoration form, the only difference lies in the color configuration, which will often cause consumers to have different psychological effects and produce different gift groups.
Nowadays, market competition in all walks of life is developing day by day, and the depth, breadth, and persistence of market demand are unprecedented. Fierce market competition promotes the development of production and consumption, and at the same time inevitably promotes the development of corporate marketing Update, of course, the wooden box is placed in an important position of the packaging, whether it is the packaging of the gift packaging product packaging image or other. The wooden box embodies high-end, practical and natural visual impact. Research on human vision has shown that, among all the factors that make up a product, color can touch people’s reactions first and most pleasantly, and directly stimulate consumers’ desire to buy. Therefore, attention must be paid to the packaging of a product, and the use of color More important!
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