Commodity of packaged products

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Commodity function is mainly packaging can promote sales. With the development of the commodity economy
Expo, the commercial function of packaging is more valued by industrial and commercial enterprises. Packaging and assembly
Combined to make it more attractive; the combination of packaging and design makes it unique
Classic, chic and elegant; packaging and arts and crafts are combined, using text, pictures,
Pictures, colors, and even photoelectric effects are not as difficult as the history of boat packaging.
Japanese packaging scholars require that the pattern design and structural design are
Beijing packaging box processing and printing factory, and Beijing making wooden box manufacturers have the following competitive sales in the aspects of l o:
①Appearance holding power: shape: ratio. Ruler talent, appearance, decoration book.
②Economic effort: price, serviceability, share. Beauty.
⑦Safety charm: strength, error, pressure resistance, load-bearing degree, etc.
④ Hygiene ability: sense of cleanliness, sense of affiliation, sense of satisfaction, etc.
⑤ Appetite charm: unique nutrition, burning bark, sense of weight, etc.
⑧Supple charm: tenderness and ulcer.
⑦Characteristic charm, reflecting the characteristics of the product itself
⑧ Popular charm: approachable.
④ Childish charm: innocence and innocence.
⑩Charm of attributes: ethnic attributes, gender, age attributes, etc.
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