Commodity wooden box packaging redesign

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Commodity wooden box packaging redesign
Wooden box packaging serves for merchandise sales. Wooden box packaging cannot be as quick and quick as advertisements and the cycle is short. If it's counter
Re-change the packaging. It will confuse customers and don't know why. But the wooden box packaging is not static, either
Play to change with the trend of the times. Therefore, there is a problem of packaging redesign.

The so-called packaging trend is that packaging should pay attention to changes in the trend of the times and consumer psychology. In the past, the packaging was simple
Unobtrusive, tacky, cumbersome descriptions, patterns, and patterns, not eye-catching; now it is required to be neatly cut off and read carefully
It is eye-catching, contemporary and refined, elegant and clear, that is, it is required to be full of symbolic meaning. The trend of the village generation also includes the ability to
Production and consumption of large-scale display; living scenes and the sales trends of the large market and the large-scale platinum, but also consider the super
The need for water field competition. To this end, the packaging plan and packaging design should consider the trend of the times. In Baoji plan and
In terms of design, consider the sense of the times first. The Japanese think that now Ba has entered the Noridai of Feeii n z,
Its characteristic is that every two or three years, the values u200bu200band aesthetics have a great change, and the packaging should be considered for incineration;
Second, it is necessary to make effective use of the internal conditions of the enterprise, grasp advantages, seize opportunities, avoid threats, develop new materials, and improve
Manufacturing process, adapt to the external environment change ratio This kind of work to modify wooden box packaging and packaging design is packaging redesign.

The redesign of wooden box packaging is equivalent to the development of new products in the commercialization planning of the enterprise, and sometimes even better than the development.
New products are more and more strategic and must be treated with caution. Only under the following circumstances, can the package redesign be carried out:
The name change, volume increase and decrease, pattern correction, structure change, original structure material improvement, shape change Zou. Beforehand, it should be sufficient
To master the information, wooden box manufacturers should do a good job in market predictions. Neither the wooden box packaging plan nor the packaging design can damage the product
Personality and image.
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