Cool packaging box: vivo 3D audio-visual concept packaging exposed

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
[HC Printing Network] The constant pursuit of the ultimate sound quality, Vivo people are subverting users' inherent thinking about listening to music on mobile phones with continuous innovation and change. From the insistence on music phones to the introduction of Hi-Fi phones, with the accumulation of changes in the number of successful products on the market, to the qualitative changes caused by the launch of Hi-Fi Xplay, the production of vivo smart phone wooden boxes has become an enthusiast-level portable audio-visual equipment.

Three-dimensional space interior
While satisfying every picky ear, vivo never forgets to bring users a 'visible' play experience. The Fun-Touch scene-style dual UI system will feast your eyes on the scene application atmosphere close to life, let you feel the fun of being immersed in it, and enjoy the ultimate interactive charm.

Packing style C

Packing style A

Packing box style B
You can't think of the charm of V. Vivo has tailored a solid wood packaging box with 3D interior space for Xplay, and its design simply shines the entire industry. The interior of the packaging box with a strong sense of 3D three-dimensional space, like a dream-like home theater experience, the shocking visual feast opens immediately. The front of the box is designed with four colors of blue, purple, black and white, like a moving eye in the deep starry sky, which is mysterious and reverie.
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