Corrugated wooden gift box design requirements

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
Corrugated wooden gift box design what are the requirements? A, modeling and structure design is an important part of the corrugated wooden gift boxes. Corrugated wooden gift box packaging design from the packaging and the actual situation of production, according to the scientific principle of packaging structure shape and the internal parts design. Design should be to ensure that the structure has enough strength, hardness and resistance to other environmental capacity, corrugated wooden gift boxes from the two points to consider, one is to protect the product as the main function, 2 it is to satisfy the important characteristic of modern packaging, such as transportation, processing characteristics. Two, corrugated wooden gift box is compelling: refers to the packaging is unique modelling, colour profusion of color, elegant beautiful pattern, let consumers to see strong interest. Color beauty is easy to feel, it is decided to sales, packaging and decoration color design, the first thing to do, attached to the graphics, text and simple sense, asks not only beautiful and easy, meet the demands of the people, and should be coordinated with the psychological feeling highly. The long-term practice has proved, red, blue, white, black is four color sales, because the color of the sales can lead to goodwill and interest of consumers. Corrugated wooden gift box mode should be combined with color goods, and fully show the characteristics of the brand identity, make consumers from the trademark and the overall packaging labels immediately to identify products. Three, corrugated wooden gift boxes good impression: refers to the packaging of the shape, color, pattern, material can arouse people's feelings. Goodwill from two aspects, the first is a practical, that is whether the packaging to meet the needs of all aspects of the consumer, to provide convenient. Corrugated wooden gift boxes goodwill also directly from the packaging shape, color, pattern, material is qualitative feeling, this is a kind of psychological effect, individual and its environment are closely related. If women and men prefer different colors, each country has different colors. Design is supposed to be color and emotion, the people, situations together. Four, corrugated wooden gift box design advertising, product varieties and market competition is more and more fierce, packaging visual performance in more and more important in advertising sales, color processing, of course, very important. Corrugated wooden gift box color effect of the fuzzy and subtle effects will have a negative impact, so we should pay attention to the sharpness of the big colour composition relationship. Coca-Cola packaging image, for example, has become an international language, bright red, white has a strong advertising effectiveness, performance of the product at the same time. With the deepening of environmental protection and low carbon concept, health problems more and more important, green box has become a trend. Green box, ink, and bear the brunt of a lot of people begin to pay attention to color printing ink printing toxic events, printing industry in order to avoid the consumer concerns, color box printing should be pay attention to non-toxic, green printing, use flexo printing, there are a lot of companies have adopted the water-based ink. Ink toxicity is one of the main problems of organic solvent, mainly toluene, xylene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives. They will be into the air with the ink dry, not only pollute the air, and a threat to print job staff's health. And volatile organic compounds ( VOC) , it is of many types, such as alcohol, ester, ether, acetone, mineral oil, etc. Like aromatic solvent, it with ink evaporation and evaporation and pollute the air. Ink toxicity of another major problem is the use of heavy metals such as pigments, although most of the ink has reduced the heavy metal content, but some people use chrome yellow, chromium to produce ink. In order to solve the color box ink toxicity, from the point of view of narrow sense, is to use green ink. First of all, to change the ink composition, corrugated wooden gift box is to use environmental protection material to the preparation of new ink. Mainly water-based ink, UV ink, water-based UV ink and some alcohol soluble ink. Try to buy some authentic products, pay attention to the living habits, don't let any ink in contact with the mouth. Under the impetus of the policy, corrugated wooden gift boxes greening efforts will be faster. Small make up: SQS
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