Corrugated wooden packing box how to save cost

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-21
Corrugated wooden packing box how to save cost? Corrugated packaging enterprise how to discover the external power and restraint from capital, directly affect the enterprise's profit and loss. Follow precise produces the view of the increasingly popular and capital pressure in one day, some type of corrugated packaging plant more and more valued corrugated roller parameters on the influence of the capital.   corrugated roll of paper consumption and eat the fruit of the paste volume of intrusive directly affect the enterprise capital, for example, in the case of corrugated packaging enterprise, paper and glue the capital will account for 80% of the total capital, and the rate of consumption of paper and paste amount is by the resolution of corrugated roller type parameters.   gb of corrugated roller going a while at high and the number of requests the following:   choice corrugated parameters after the capital compared differences   if a company use the stare blankly corrugated roller tooth depth 2 B. Eight younger sister, tooth number 46. 57/300 sister, contraction rate of 1. 39. If the going a while at corrugated roller high B by 0. Three younger sister, to 2. 5 sister, teeth cut two, to 44. 57/300 sister, so much can a lot of money.   cuts going a while at several throttling capital number refers to the national scale of each 300 mm several stare blankly.   stare blankly number is dense, the higher the paper consumption, and vice versa. Admittedly, stare blankly number closer, the flat board, compressive ability. Table below response is stare blankly in must environment, stare blankly on the number of change affects the quantity of waste paper.   through process in table 1, it can be seen that stare blankly number for each tooth growth, austerity rate to 3% ( Per produces 100 meters of corrugated cardboard multi-purpose 3 m) If 2 teeth is 6%. Also is to say, in other environment conditions, if B stare blankly each 300 mm minus two teeth, then three layers of corrugated paper cartons of paper consumption reduced by 6%. If corrugated paper at 130 grams, price is 3050 yuan/ton, the enterprise's annual output of 10 million square meters, can throttle corrugated paper, 78000 kg/year, the money 237900 yuan/year.   corrugated carton packaging plant _ to save paper costs of know-how, 2 low going A while at high throttling capital of corrugated roller, affects the quantity of paper consumption is very large, stare blankly number of reactions listed in the table below is the same environment, going A while at high change on A stare blankly and B contraction rate. Through the process of table 2 and table 3 can be seen, stare blankly high every down 0. 1, contraction rate cuts will be 2. 5% ( Per produces 100 meters of cardboard multi-purpose 2. 5 meters of corrugated paper) High, if every low 0. 3, the contraction rate cut 7. 5% ( Per cardboard produces 100 meters multi-purpose 7. 5 meters of corrugated paper) , if corrugated paper according to the 130 g meter, the price is 3050 yuan/ton, the annual output of 10 million square meters of the enterprise, can throttle corrugated paper, 97500 kg/year, the money 297375 yuan/year.   WWW hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. 中国- - - - - - hzht。 Com is a color printing and post processing based joint-stock enterprises, mainly engaged in products of wooden box, wooden gift boxes, books, etc. Series of products design and printing production.
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