Creating art red wine packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-30
Creating art red wine packaging. The so-called art wine box how to build? This requires wine box with the combination of the traditional art crafts in our country. A simple example, the poetry can say is the most bright pearl in the cultural mainstream, but there are many classical poetry about wine description, why not consider the combination of red wine and red wine box poetry? At station shows that there is no doubt carving is an art, so if the combination of sculpture and wine packaging? Will create a can call it the art of wine packaging? And now, the red wine box generally there are two main types of shape, is a kind of cylindrical, one is rectangle shape, so if there are new progress in the shape of the box? Again, now there are two main types of wine packaging materials, wood and paper, and packaging are transparent dress, so red wine packaging can also like liquor use transparent type of packaging? In the wine packaging does not seem to have try, but don't try is not equal to not succeed. Only try, people can find the answer in the failure, to understand building art wine box this answer is correct, also can truly answer how red wine packaging design more attractive this problem, if if the Mid-Autumn festival, a high-grade wine with moon cake gift box is a good choice!
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