Custom wooden cigar box must pay attention to matters

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-13
Customize the cigar box must pay attention to the matters under several points: 1. Cigar box material choice: cedar wood or wood of peach blossom core is save the cigars in the world the best material; 2. Plate thickness: after selected material, to choose appropriate plate thickness, custom-made cigar box many novice cigar guest think with thin plate in order to save costs, fault, plank if slants thin, led to a cigar box deformation, after close the gap; 3. Paint: cigar box can spray outside, but inside must be completely bare cedar wood real wood, not any spray paint, which ensures that cigar alcoholize not immersed in the smell of paint; 4. Cigar box neat: any shape of cigar humidor should be neat. No matter from which Angle looks are a body. Its hinges should be smooth without deformation. 5. Customize the cigar box isolate air function: cigar box should have excellent sealing function, is a good way to ensure that the humidity inside the humidor, lifted the lid of the humidor should, like a good car door shut up deep and heavy.
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