Custom wooden music box according to his be fond of consumers

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-17
Custom music box can be according to the size of the be fond of of consumer oneself, take up the space as well as the overall decoration style to fit the music box, in order to meet the individual needs and space requirements. 2, to the green, environmental protection first. International procurement, strict material selection. Sen tripod jewellery box, receive a case material achieves E1 standard. 3, custom music boxes, meets the requirements of diversified consumer choice. Music box in the future market trend, must also be to the real demand as the guidance, and gradually meet the personalized needs of the market. Custom of high-grade wooden music box of standard and non-standard distinction knows many understand custom music box, custom music box with & other; Standard & throughout; And & other Non-standard & throughout; The points. But many people don't understand, since it is custom music box, of course, according to customer requirements to produce, why still & other The standard custom & throughout; And & other Non-standard custom & throughout; The points? Non-standard custom refers to all other dimensions beyond the factory standard module customization. Unlike standard custom advocated customization, non-standard custom is more of a focus on appearance customization. Standard custom, it is to point to in the factory under the provisions of the specifications of the size of high-grade wooden music box of custom. Standard custom promote brand of high-grade wooden music box is a function of the custom, the purpose is to make high-grade wooden music box function in our daily life habit, rather than a simple customization, standard custom size of high-grade wooden music box, there are many established standard module, in accordance with different size of the space, the internal structure are free to customize. Summary, custom service is good, but small make up remind consumers here in the custom of high-grade wooden music box, the difference between the need to distinguish the custom standard and customized, reasonable use of resources to customize your favorite music box.
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